Did you miss the eighth annual ‘Celebration Picnic?’

By Linda M. Robinson….
One of the most successful events conducted annually by the Village of Palmetto Bay has been our Celebration Picnic.

While I was vice mayor of Palmetto Bay, we wanted to have an event to express our joy for our recent incorporation. The first picnic was a historic event because it was the first time the community came together after working so long and hard to see the day when we were a city. What could be better then to get everyone together and have fun — and fun we had.

We were so thrilled to be allowed to incorporate and we wanted the tradition to continue. The picnic is free and open to every Palmetto Bay resident. It’s a time to see each other, get together and have good fun. There are activities for the children, for the adults and all.

Entertainment, rides, city information, educational topics, wholesome family events, dunk tank for charity, and local school participation.

We started with a committee. I was the liaison from the council and we appointed a chair for the event. Our first chair was Jacquie Sosa who was an anchor with Channel 10. Jeanne Rothfield did a super job for years and Donna Coughlin was our last chair. This year, the Park Department, which has worked with our committee, organized it. It’s sad to see that the committee isn’t involved anymore.

We had such fun at our meetings and even celebrated together at the after the picnic. Everyone wanted to be appointed to the group. Pat Gladieux and her husband were in charge of the wonderful corn on the cob. Dottie Barton helped organized the Quinteros and Henry Clifford organized the cooking of hot dogs and cleaning up. Of course, the staff of the Park Department and our police worked hard to help get everything together and run smoothly.

Not only did we have helicopters land in the field, firefighters come in their fire trucks, but schools were invited to participate. Even the Voice of the Miami Heat served as our emcee. I think we’ve grown to over 4,000 people for a picnic.

Thanks to our neighbors like Starbucks, Home Depot, Dade Paper, banks and Publix, we have had breaks on the food and donations.

But most important, our efforts have been successful and everyone seems to have a great time. “Celebration Picnic” is now a landmark and tradition for the Village of Palmetto Bay!

Linda M. Robinson was the first vice mayor of Palmetto Bay.

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