Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy begins new Character Education Program

Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy begins new Character Education Program

Natasha Flores and Anthony Alonso, School Resource Officers for Miami Dade Public Schools, engage students in motivational hands-on activities and role-playing of real life scenarios to help them make the right decisions and become better citizens.

Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy of the Arts has announced a new Character Education Program to be presented by its M-DCPS Resource Officers.

The purpose of this program is to teach students life skills that will establish positive core values as a foundation which will help kids build positive relationships between MDCPS Resource Officers and the students. One special goal of the curriculum is that it allows students to develop positive solutions and appropriate decision making strategies to be applied when they are faced with tough decisions. Through interactive experiences, the students learn to develop better communication skills, identify individual and group difference and learn to respect one another.

Several 9-year-old fourth grade students commented on the program.

“I think the GREAT Program is pretty interesting because you learn different types of strategies to overcome difficult tasks like bullying,” D’undre Lee said. “We talked about ways to calm yourself down when you are in a situation during a moment that you are scared.

We got to talk about what to do if someone asked you to go with them and we discussed what would happen if I actually went with them. This program taught me to reflect on different situations and how to better understand and solve different problems.”

Enrique Romero added, “I find the program exciting and fun! It’s taught me how bullying kids affects others. We get to role play different scenarios and then we discuss different techniques when there is a bully around.”

Madeline Bramson also thought it was fun.

“I like this program because it’s fun and we get to learn new things about how to handle different situations and how to control our anger. We learn techniques of how to not lose control,” she said.

“I like it because I learned what to do in case I am in a hard situation. We learned to call the police because they are our protectors,” Leeonnie Martin- Hannah said.

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