First graders show off T-shirts made by hands

First graders Nestor Ortiz (left) and Steven Pohl, in Miss Cardin’s class at Coral Reef Elementary, show off the handmade T-shirts they fashioned in time for Palmetto Bay’s Earth Day Celebration, Apr. 19, during which 5,000 ladybugs were released into the school’s butterfly garden. The village released about 25,000 ladybugs at local public and private schools, and in public parks, over a one-week period as part of its annual recognition of Earth Day. Ladybugs are considered nature’s pesticide because they eat aphids that can destroy garden plants — a safe alternative to harmful chemicals.

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2 Comments on "First graders show off T-shirts made by hands"

  1. anywhere i can get one?

  2. please email me at for the earth day t-shirts… PLEASE

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