Joseph’s Salon ‘Cut-A-Thon’ raises funds for Joey Seco

By Gary Alan Ruse….

Pictured at the Cut-A-Thon are John Valentine (left) and Joseph Alves of Joseph’s Salon with Joey Seco (seated).

Joseph’s Salon in Palmetto Bay hosted a “Cut-AThon” fundraiser on Sunday, Nov. 13, to benefit Joey Seco, a young man facing huge medical expenses as a result of severe injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash on a rain-slicked road five years ago.

“Joey had an accident in 2006 that left him in a wheelchair,” said family friend Manny Somano. “Joseph’s Salon reached out to our community to help a special young man in need. He needs help to further his stem cell treatments. His No. 1 goal is to be able to walk again.”

Joey’s parents, George and Lupe Seco, that year received the phone call every parent fears, telling them that their son was involved in an accident and was being air lifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s trauma center.

“After endless hours our world was turned upside down when the neurosurgeon finally met with us,” said George Seco. “Joey had suffered a fractured C7 (cervical), T3 & 4 (thoracic) vertebrae, lacerated spleen, fractured scapula and clavicle. In addition, his lungs and heart were badly bruised. Joey was diagnosed as a quadriplegic.”

Surgery was not possible for five weeks due to his lung and heart condition. While in the intensive care unit Joey suffered a number of complications causing the loss of 55 pounds, most of it muscle tissue. Following a 10-hour surgical procedure, he spent the next three months hospitalized.

In August, George and Joey Seco traveled to Germany to undergo Joey’s first stem cell treatment, followed by intensive physical therapy. The results have been nearly miraculous, but the costs are expensive.

“As of today, Joey has regained most of the lost body weight and muscle mass in his upper body,” George Seco said. “Although we were told by the doctors that he would not regain the use of his arms or hands, Joey has full range of motion in his arms and his right hand function has improved significantly. He has now begun to move some toes and has regained sensation on his right side of his body. Joey is now continuing his collegiate studies and maintains his daily therapies.

“We believe that God, the stem cell transplant and the physical therapy have tremendously improved his condition and his recovery.”

John Valentine of Joseph’s Salon coordinated the Cut-A-Thon and was pleased by the turnout.

“It was a very successful event,” Valentine said. “It kept us quite busy. It’s a way of us giving back. The ironic thing is I didn’t even know that Joey’s mother is a client here, because someone had dropped off some flyers here in the front and I was thinking that this is fantastic — this young man needs some help. So I got in touch with the person who wrote the flyer and said I’d like to help Joey out and see how much closer to his goal we can get him.”

Joey Seco is now halfway toward his goal of $30,000 to cover medical costs.

Other donations are welcome. When making donations by check make it payable to the NTAF C/O Joseph Seco. Visit Joey’s website at or go to and look up Joseph Seco in the patient finder.

“Joseph’s Salon will continue to collect donations until Joey has reached his goal,” Valentine said. “Our website ‘The Joey Seco Event Page’ has more information.”

Go to and click on “Events.”

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