Meet the Candidates

Profile: Peter England for Palmetto Bay mayor

Meet the Candidates

Peter England

Peter England is running for mayor of Palmetto Bay.

A longtime resident of Palmetto Bay, he and his wife, June, have three grown children. He currently serves on the board of the South Miami-Dade Economic Development Council, the Palmetto Bay Village Voice, and is a trustee of the Deering Estate Foundation.

“I’m running for mayor of Palmetto Bay because I have the experience, the energy, the time, and the commitment to public service, to try and make our village a better place for everyone,” England said.

England, who had served at CamillusHouse in Miami for almost 15 years and retired in 2009 as director of Government Relations for that organization, previously served as the chief marketing officer with Florida Power and Light, and Florida Federal Savings. A graduate of St. John’s University in New York with post graduate work at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the University of Connecticut, he said his first goal if elected is to repair the rifts that have divided the community.

“My top priority is to restore inclusiveness to Palmetto Bay,” England said. “Council meetings will be conducted in an atmosphere of dignity and respect for the public and council members alike. Our future success depends on collaboration to achieve our common goals.”

A member of the Citizen’s Advisory Council of Jackson South Hospital, England said his background would help him serve as mayor in Palmetto Bay.

“I served as vice mayor of the City of St. Petersburg, and was elected to that position by my fellow council members because of my ability to bring that legislative body to consensus, often over some divisive issues,” England said. “I believe that experience can help to heal the wounds which have driven our village apart.”

England, who was a candidate for the Miami-Dade County Commission in 2002 and for mayor of Palmetto Bay in 2010, explained why he hopes that village residents will vote for him in the November election.

“If you feel, as I do, that it is time to put the divisiveness of the past behind us, and come together to make Palmetto Bay all it can be, then your choice for mayor should be Peter England.”

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Profile: Patrick Fiore running for mayor of Palmetto Bay

Meet the Candidates

Patrick Fiore

Patrick Fiore is running for mayor of Palmetto Bay.

Fiore has been a resident of Palmetto Bay since 2007 and has lived in South Florida for more than 20 years. He and his wife, Judi, have two children, Alixandria and Gian Carlo. He has served as Village of Palmetto Bay District 1 Councilmember for the past four years.

We have a tremendous village here, where our residents like their parks, the services they receive for their tax dollar, and the many amenities this village has to offer, great schools, both public and private,places of worship, and close proximity to our shopping areas,” Fiore said. “It is for these reasons and to continue the progress the village has made since incorporation that I am ready to lead Palmetto Bay forward.”

He explained what his main focus would be in the months ahead, if elected as mayor.

“I like to consider myself, during the past four years, as the ‘public works commissioner,’ as I make fixing our infrastructure a top priority,” Fiore said. “I have been out front, taking the lead, so to speak, on resurfacing our roads, both county owned and village owned, and addressing each issue a resident brings to my attention, the most important being speeding and traffic concerns throughout the village.

“This would be my top priority, to continue what I began, and asking the new council for a comprehensive plan to address specific problems where speeding and traffic issues are prominent.”

Fiore, who retired in 2012 from a State of Florida position in Children and Family/Human Services, continues providing vocational services to veterans and other clients of Camillus House, a Miami-based non-profit agency serving the indigent and homeless.
He explained what he feels he can bring to the job of mayor.

“The first would be my four years of experience currently, since my election by the residents in 2010,” Fiore said. “In addition, my previous elected office experience, and the ability to reach out to my colleagues and find a compromise and consensus on issues which touch the lives of all our residents. Secondly, my ability to communicate with and try to find an answer for each and every resident’s concerns when they contact their elected officials.”

When asked why he hopes that residents will vote for him as mayor of Palmetto Bay, Fiore summed up by simply saying, “I am ready to lead.”

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Profile: Eugene Flinn for mayor of Palmetto Bay

Meet the Candidates

Eugene Flinn

Eugene Flinn is running for mayor of Palmetto Bay.

He served as the village’s first mayor from 2002 to 2010, is a lifelong resident of south Miami-Dade County, graduating from Southwest Miami Senior High and the University of Miami where he earned BA and JD degrees. He and his wife Alexandra have two daughters.

“Since my first two terms, people have approached me, nostalgic for the ‘original’ Palmetto Bay, where council members worked together to better our community,” Flinn said. “I am running to reestablish that positive tone, stop the antagonisms and revive the sense of community.”

When asked what his top priority top priority would be in the months following the election, he has clear goals.

“I want to complete the projects we began, moving Palmetto Bay forward,” Flinn said. “Reestablish the original fiscal method of governance I created, that of ‘Government Lite,’ which was how we won awards for our budgets and received flawless audits under my original leadership, resulting in AA- bond rating.

“We need to invest in properly maintaining our roads, drainage and park improvements as delays will cost us more money when these items can no longer be put off,: he added.

Flinn said that many people have asked him why the traffic calming program has come to a halt since he left office, and that it is time to initiate new long range plans.

“I will also meet with parents about what playground equipment they want restored to our playgrounds and work to reinvigorate parks activities for all ages,” Flinn said. “We must take steps necessary to guarantee free public access at Thalatta Estate. We have more than ample village employees, so we should make sure our park concessions stands and buildings are open. We need to be reasonable in addressing renovating the building at Coral Reef Park.”

When asked what he would bring to the “job” that will benefit the community, Flinn responded:

“My excitement and commitment to Palmetto Bay. I bring significant leadership experience developed through getting projects done and meeting the goals of the village residents during my service as founding mayor, as well as fresh perspective gained over these last four years alongside my fellow residents. I will continue the vision of Palmetto Bay. Additionally, I excel at consensus building, rather than confrontation.”

Flinn explained why he hopes residents will choose him as their next mayor.

“My accomplishments demonstrate my commitment, loyalty and dedication to our community, so I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you.”

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Profile: Shelley Stanczyk for Palmetto Bay mayor

Meet the Candidates

Shelley Stanczyk

Shelley Stanczyk is running for mayor of Palmetto Bay. She is the incumbent, having served as mayor for the past four years.

A resident of the Palmetto Bay area since 1977 and south Miami- Dade since 1972, she has a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Miami and a bachelor’s in Education from SUNY-Fredonia. She owns Antique Mall Y’All and she and her husband, Stanley, have three daughters.

“When Palmetto Bay incorporated, residents were promised safety, control of zoning, and great parks as well as government that would put the people first,” Stanczyk said. “I ran then because I felt ‘the People First Spirit of Incorporation’ was not fulfilled. Today, I know that it takes constant vigilance from a leader who does not fail to put those promises above all agendas to ensure that spirit remains a priority.”

When asked what her top priorities would be following the election, Stanczyk listed four:

1. All residents and groups including former candidates and their supporters will have “a seat at the table” to help the new council form the village’s positive direction.

2. Enact a strategic planning process to include residents, council and staff to provide for efficient resource allocation for parks, down town economic development, and capital improvements. This priority/goal setting process will enable the village to set high standards of service for the next 10-20 years.

3. Traffic and speed are the most commonly mentioned concerns and solutions are frustrated by county standards. Renegotiation of the county agreement will allow the village to determine solutions. While traffic always exists, it can be improved.

4. Two fire stations have found village locations and can be brought to completion through assistance of a re-invigorated Fire Board.

Stanczyk said that she believes she would bring dedication and know-how to the job that will benefit the community. “My singular commitment since 1986 has been working with the people of our community to make it a better place for all who live here,” Stanczyk said.

“My experience as mayor is secondary to my drive to serve the people of Palmetto Bay the best way possible, to listen to them and to respect their input.”

In summing up, Stanczyk explained why she hopes residents will vote for her as mayor.

“As your mayor, I will keep Palmetto Bay a safe community, enhance our quality of life, protect our residential character, preserve our great parks, keep taxes low, control our zoning and defend the quiet enjoyment of our homes — as promised during the incorporation campaign.”

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