New commercials shot at Palmetto Bay Park

By Gary Alan Ruse….

Director Carlos Gutierrez (second from left) guides his crew during commercial shoot.

Usually the home for softball games and other sports activities, Palmetto Bay Park’s ball field and bleachers became the setting for a series of commercials that were shot there on Aug. 31, between rain showers that slowed production.

Eric Gaunaurd, a producer at Magnet Filmworks, brought in his crew, equipment and a handful of actors who rehearsed several times before attempting multiple takes for the camera.

“The purpose was to shoot a series of commercials for a new Medicare provider called Simply Healthcare,” Gaunaurd said. “We produced four commercials in total, two of which were shot at the park, in both English and Spanish.”

Director Carlos Gutierrez watched for problems with lighting, audio, missed lines, stray objects in the frame and makeup retouches as Gaunaurd and sponsor representatives viewed the results on a secondary monitor a short distance away. Gaunaurd, who rented the space during an inactive time at the park, thought the location was ideal for their purpose.

“We were very pleased with the park,” Gaunaurd said. “It is very well kept, the park crew was exceptionally helpful, and it truly was the perfect place to shoot. Each set of bleachers had an awning, which aided us both when it rained along with giving our actors a bit of shade. Mr. Bill Kress [village PIO] couldn’t have been more accommodating and helpful in assisting us with our production.”

The commercials will be airing the first week of October in Miami-Dade County on most major network outlets (NBC, ABC, Telemundo and Univision).

Magnet Filmworks is a production company with offices in Miami, where it is headquartered, and Los Angeles.

“We produce commercials and Web videos, while working with some of the top advertising agencies in the country,” Gaunaurd said. “Our most recent commercial for Spokes of Change, a non profit organization, recently aired nationwide and in 60 countries. We have several feature films in development as well. In the end though, we are storytellers, plain and simple.”

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