Shelley Stanczyk running for village mayor

By Gary Alan Ruse….

Shelley Stanczyk

Shelley Stanczyk is running for the position of Palmetto Bay mayor.
A 33-year resident, Stanczyk and her husband, Stanley, raised their three daughters — Kelley, Sarah and Katherine — in Palmetto Bay. Their daughters attended Perrine Elementary, RR Moton, Southwood Middle, Palmetto High and Coral Reef High.
Stanczyk graduated from State University of New York (SUNY) Fredonia and received her master’s degree from the University of Miami. She has served as an administrator at FIU and UM, and is owner of Antique Mall Y’All, a large local retail store.
Concluding her first term in the District 3 seat on the village council, Stanczyk says that she wants to accomplish more.
“I am running for mayor because of my years of commitment to this community, its residents, and their quality of life,” Stanczyk said. “As mayor I will ensure that Palmetto Bay will provide our residents with a high quality of life, the safest of communities, provide conservative fiscal management to maintain the current millage rate while continuing to grow our reserve fund, provide necessary transparency and accountability, make our permitting and building departments even more user-friendly, and preserve the character of our community.”
Stanczyk believes that her background will help her serve in the key role of village mayor.
“I have the hands-on up-to-date recent experience in council responsibilities and first-hand knowledge of our residents’ issues,” Stanczyk said. “As a Palmetto Bay business owner I know what our business community needs from the village. I have built relationships and earned respect from across many levels of government, especially county government.”
Stanczyk is pleased Miami-Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson has shown confidence in her by endorsing her to be the next mayor of Palmetto Bay.
“As mayor I will ensure that development will not hamper your quality of life and the quiet enjoyment of your home,” Stanczyk said. “The vision I have for economic growth and development in Palmetto Bay that will result in improved services to our residents, bring a better look to our business areas, cultivate jobs for our community and contribute to the growth of our tax base without burdening our residential areas to continue to enhance services.
“I believe that the most important asset of Palmetto Bay is our residents. I will make sure that government access will be simplified for our residents and businesses. Participation in the government process by our residents will be assured to reflect the respect that they deserve,” she added.
Stanczyk was elected to the Palmetto Bay Village Council in 2006 and has a long history of leadership on advisory committees and boards across the county representing Palmetto Bay, Miami-Dade County School Board members and the superintendent. They include the South Dade Municipal Coalition; Economic Development Council board member; co-chair of Relay for Life and team captain; Palmetto Bay Business Association; ACNA; Ruth’s List; Dade Partners; superintendent’s and school board member representative to Attendance Boundary Committee; PTA president; chair, vice chair and secretary of the Miami Palmetto Senior High School Feeder Pattern; FCAT Revision Committee; Council of Advisory Committees; Traffic/Safety Capital Project Chair; FEMMA, and a Girl Scout leader and recruiter.
“The Traffic/Safety Committee at a local school successfully initiated and completed a capital project built to mitigate traffic and safety issues following my lobbying efforts with the school board,” Stanczyk said.
Among her primary goals, Stanczyk said she believes it is essential that the village’s contract with Miami-Dade County Police continue to ensure the ongoing quality of public safety, and that the council needs to ensure the county build and man the two fire stations planned for Palmetto Bay. She also does not want education to be overlooked.
“Miami-Dade County Fire/Rescue and the Miami-Dade County Police deliver excellence in public safety to the village,” she said. “I have also initiated our Education Compact to establish a working relationship with Dade County Public Schools to ensure that our Palmetto Bay schools remain topnotch.”
Stanczyk said she has fulfilled her promises to village residents. She includes among her accomplishments the establishment of the Village Hall Fund so it would be properly funded and become a reality; lobbying the county to invest more into the Old Cutler Bike Path, and creating the Duty Phone and Gov Q&A to provide a means for residents to reach Village Hall on a 24/7 basis.
She has voted consistently to maintain or lower the millage rate.
“Palmetto Bay has become our hometown,” Stanczyk said. “Our residents are our neighbors and friends. They should enjoy the confidence that living in Palmetto Bay will always mean the quiet enjoyment of their homes. We incorporated to be in control of our destiny and protect this wonderful community that is home. Please support me in my continued service to you by electing me your mayor.”
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  1. Seriously??? SERIOUSLY????!!! She's running for MAYOR?? Of what? Munchkinland? A woman who at 1:45 a.m. at a zoning hearing throws out some arbitrary number for a school's enrollment cap in a blatantly desperate grab for votes doesn't even have the clarity of thought to realize that her political gambit will further encumber our village in more lengthy and costly legal disputes — she wants to be mayor??? What rabbit hole have we fallen down???

  2. You are so right

  3. Willie;
    I thought you were a “woman of the cloth”. What happened with that? You quit? The “financial aid” you said you get from Palmer must pay you enough to write this trash. I guess you haven’t heard, the last time England ran, 1979 by the way, he made promises to the likes of you and guess what they got? NOTHING!

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