Village Mayor Stanczyk to host Town Hall meeting on Feb. 27

Village Mayor Stanczyk to host Town Hall meeting on Feb. 27


Village of Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk will host a Town Hall meeting on Feb. 27 so the community can discuss with her the subject of “Your Tax Reserves – Vision and Priorities: Parks and Capital Projects.”

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Edward and Arlene Feller Community Room of the library building in Ludovici Park, 17641 Old Cutler Rd.

“This is for envisioning and to see what people need,” said Mayor Stanczyk in a Feb. 9 interview. “We want to talk about traffic calming. There’s a lot of areas that could use traffic calming, that would benefit the entire village as well as the people who live right in that area. So we want to hear from people who want their traffic calming done, and what their feeling about the parks is and what they want to do.”

She also is seeking input from residents about the possibility of acquiring bayside property for the village because, if they would be useful to the community, it would make sense to get them now while the prices are still low.

“There are a couple of pieces of bayside property that are available,” Stanczyk said. “Wait a little bit longer and you’re back in a very competitive market.”

The Mayor said that she wants to discuss the possible projects residents may want and using some of the village’s reserve funds to make those possible.

“It’s really a vision and getting the temperature of what the residents see in the future,” Stanczyk said. “We have a very sufficient, more than sufficient, reserve and we need to use the reserve for the services and the betterment of the community now, because it’s the people who live here now who have contributed that money. Not in 10 years. Those funds are not really meant to be a savings account or an investment portfolio. It’s to be safe, financially, if any event were to occur, but it’s not to continue building so that all you do with the money instead of providing services and improved facilities is to keep saving. It’s really there to give them a quality of life, for the people who are here now.”

Besides traffic calming and acquiring property for additional access to the bay, another topic to be discussed is community facilities at the different parks.

“Palmetto Bay Park has space to do a community center,” Stanczyk said. “We could do that.”

The mayor also is seeking input on the village’s education compact and on the future of the Franjo Triangle/Commercial Island, and hopes that residents will participate and voice their opinions.

“We want to hear from them,” she said.

“I want to hear from them. That’s the point of my doing this, is that we want to hear from the community. They have a lot of opportunities. The time is really now to focus on what you think you might want to do with the savings that we’ve been able to accumulate and hear what the people want to do.”

For more information call Village Hall at 305-259-1234.

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