100 Corals for 100 Seasons!

100 Corals for 100 Seasons!

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Since preserving the environment has been a top priority for us at the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee, we recently completed our own coral reef restoration project, an incredibly unique task that’s gone unheard of at any Super Bowl in the last 54 years, as a part of our Ocean 2 Everglades environmental initiative.

For us at the Committee, the idea was to connect with the best partners out there who could help us create a legacy in addition to breaking the NFL record in hosted Super Bowls.

For the MSBHC coral restoration project, members of FORCE BLUE – a nonprofit organization that bridges Special Operations veterans with marine conservation efforts – the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science program and the Frost Museum of Science. Collective efforts to plant 100 staghorn corals at Rainbow Reef offshore of Key Biscayne on Thursday, June 13 were crucial as a way to celebrate the centennial NFL season.

From now until Super Bowl Week (January 27 to February 2, 2020), the MSBHC and its partners will be monitoring the coral colonies’ growth; the ultimate goal is for them to act as an abundant feeding source and habitat for our marine species.

We are more dedicated than ever to fostering the growth of new colonies of coral reef that will flourish over the course of the next seven months leading up to Super Bowl LIV, as well as activating other projects that promote the sustainability of our community. Let’s shift our drive into high gear in order to leave the right kind of ecological footprint on South Florida!

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