$15 million Pinecrest water bond referendum benefits few at the expense of many


Dear Neighbor,

The Pinecrest Village Council has authorized a referendum to ask voters if taxes should be increased for all property owners to pay for $15,000,000 in bonds for the extension of water lines for a small group of Pinecrest residents, mostly on the east side of Pinecrest. If approved, Pinecrest citizens will be obligated to pay a tax increase for the next 20 years that will be of no benefit for nearly all of its residents and will amount to an unnecessary double tax for most.

I strongly recommend a vote against this unfair tax by voting “___Against Bonds” when you receive your ballot in the mail from the County Elections Department during the first two weeks of March. After marking it, return it in the self-addressed envelope.

I have been a Village of Pinecrest resident since the City’s formation and have followed the City’s progress over the years. This tax proposal is one of the most unfair, poorly thought out, and misleading proposals I have come across. Promoters favoring the bonds point out the benefits to be gained but fail to mention who benefits and the tax increase involved.

The ballot itself is confusing when it asks voters to choose either __For Bonds or __Against Bonds when the true meaning is For a Tax Increase or Against a Tax Increase.

Other financing alternatives are available for the desired improvements such as a special taxing district. This method can provide the necessary funds to complete the water extension; will cost slightly more for those receiving the benefit than the cost under a Village-wide tax; and the unfair tax increase for all Pinecrest property owners will be avoided. In addition, grants and other assistance can be pursued to help reduce or possibly eliminate the water extension cost. Finally, property owners that receive the water line extension are likely to see a side benefit in the form of increased property values.

For the benefit of all Pinecrest citizens, please vote __Against Bonds.


John Steinbauer,
Pinecrest Neighbor

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