A taste of the Quartier Latin

A breakfast delight.

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Just the thought of a trip to the Quartier Latin is enough to get the imagination going, thoughts of bohemian Paris at it’s height, coffee shops, art, history, an electric energy that comes from being the intellectual center of the left bank, it’s almost enough to make you pack your bags and go!

Of course, it’s much easier to just head over to La Boulangerie Boul‘Mich. This artisan French bakery with a Latin twist is currently serving Miami in four locations: Key Biscayne, Aventura, Coral Way and Pinecrest.

Something about La Boulangerie hits you the moment you walk in. Although the decor is simple, its subtle elegance lets you know that you’re in for a culinary experience unlike any other. Benigno Armas, one of La Boulangerie Boul‘Mich’s founding partners, takes great pride in making everything they serve in house, from scratch. All the goods are baked fresh, made for that day, and you can taste the difference.


This is perhaps one of the many valuable lessons this group of restaurateurs brings to the table. Avy Cohen, Ariel Cohen, Gabriel De Chene, Karen Cohen, and Benigno joined forces four years ago to build and develop La Boulangerie. Each one came from a strong background in the industry long before—20 years before to be exact.

This experience has helped shape La Boulangerie, and is one of the many reasons it stands apart from any other bakery. The line out the door of eager customers can attest to that.

The menu is rich and full of options, from staple breakfast dishes like Eggs Benedict to a wondrous adventure in chocolaty bliss formally known as a Nutccino. A wonderfully rich capuchino, enhanced with a delicious crown of Nutella decorating the mug’s brim that will have you literally licking the cup clean.

Making a choice can be a challenge, the Manhattan Omelette? Traditional Pancakes? Scrambled Ham and Swiss? It almost seems like picking just one is impossible. Benigno’s recommendation? Croque Madame. A fresh baked French Baguette with “Black Forest” ham and Swiss cheese, baked under two fried eggs, tomatoes and the perfect touch of Béchamel sauce. A cup of coffee and a glass of refreshing, fresh squeezed juice accompanies each dish and it’s all you need as each bite erupts in an explosion of savory bliss that will convince you you’re actually in Paris having breakfast.

Benigno Armas.

This culinary experience isn’t just about the food. Although that’s reason enough to visit any of their locations, it’s the staff that will keep you coming back. Every team member has a genuine desire to make your experience a memorable one. It doesn’t matter if you’re just coming in for a cup of joe to go, or plan on spending your morning indulging, they’re ready to provide you with whatever you need.

In a city brimming with competition, Benigno considers his team their biggest asset and firmly believes that taking care of the employees is absolutely critical.

The combination of experience, care, and attention to detail is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why a small bakery in Key Biscayne has expanded to four locations in four short years, but the growth isn’t stopping any time soon. The possibilities are endless as the hunt for the next location to call home is on. Of course, they won’t just stop with expansion. When asked about new possibilities for La Boulangerie, Benigno excitedly speaks of keeping the doors open even later, hinting at the possibility of dinner, served with the same standards and freshness already seen across the board and paired with elegant wines and craft beers.

La Boulangerie set off on a mission, to serve high quality food that is distinct and healthy in a unique, friendly environment. After tasting the food, and meeting the tremendous staff it’s safe to say – Mission accomplished.

In Pinecrest La Boulangerie is located at 8283 SW 124th Street. Call 786-701-2344.

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