Body Code Fitness: Local Legacy

Body Code Fitness: Local Legacy

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It’s 5:30 a.m. and the lights are already aglow at Body Code Fitness in the Falls Industrial Park. Cars start to arrive and the energy begins to rise on another day of building bodies and dreams.

Joe Neyra has owned the gym for 19+ years and has been in the fitness business longer than that. A while back the name changed from Falls Fitness to Body Code Fitness as Joe evolved his game from a full-service gym to personal training and classes.

“The big box gyms are not what people desire these days,” says Joe. “We customize and cater to what each person wants and needs, becoming much more than a corporate gym.”

Their read of the market must be right, since Body Code is the second oldest continuously-running gym in Miami-Dade County.

Anthony Askowitz, a 21-year gym member, adds, “At big gyms it’s showy and competitive, and people can hurt themselves in that environment. At Body Code, it’s self-motivation with support from a wonderful staff.”

Years ago an underweight Askowitz wanted to put on some muscle weight and in less than a year with Joe’s training he added 21 pounds. Everyone seems to have a similar personal story of success.

Earlier this year, I started going to Body Code Fitness because I was attracted to the friendly environment. You can pay for one class or blocks of classes at a discount. No annual membership required. After four months, I feel as if I belong to a group of fun and interesting people. Body Code offers classes ranging from Pilates to High Intensity Interval Training to Boot Camps to Warrior Sessions (90-minute high intensity workouts that even includes going outside and pushing cars in the back lot). In the HIIT classes, which I attend, each one is slightly different, allowing for variety in the muscle training and optimal energy being spent.

On an average day, Body Code attracts about 75 regulars, so you never feel cramped or alone. Gym member Cynthia Lungi recently posted on Facebook, “There’s no such thing as a bad workout at Body Code. The instructors are motivating and personable, and they keep the class fun and fast paced. After you’ve been going for a while it really starts to feel like a family.”

And that is exactly the feel that motivates people to come back. There are eight personal trainers and 3 general staffers, each with their own personalities and backgrounds.

Joe jokes, “Most of us have more than 20 years of experience doing this, so we’re dinosaurs who have forgotten more than most trainers know today.”

Based on your desires, you can work out individually or have Body Code track your progress and diet. By design, a grandmother and a body builder can both take the same circuit training course in sequence with the staff adjusting the resistance at each machine.

Joe loves seeing people achieve their goals and takes personal pride in their stories.

“There were two women who had suffered strokes and were very discouraged because they couldn’t walk,” beamed Neyra. “Through our program, we got them both to walk out with a new outlook on life.”

Body Code Fitness certainly is accommodating. Already open each day with extended hours, if you can’t make it and your trainer agrees, there is 24-hour access to the facility.

Joe proudly explains, “We want to make a difference in people’s lives. So, we are more than just a place with equipment. We hold people accountable where we can do daily diet tracking, make sure you come in on a schedule and basically keep you accountable to your own plan.”

They also offer a money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason.

Despite the great track record and tons of praise, Body Code remains one of the best kept secrets around. As a converted gym goer, I can tell you my weekly “hump day” visits really motivate me in all aspects of my life. And to help you, I convinced Joe and Body Code to offer a special deal for Pinecrest Tribune readers. Bring in this article with you to receive a full week of unlimited classes and two sessions with a personal trainer for FREE!

Body Code Fitness is located at 8830 SW 129th Terrace. You can call them at 305-256-9212 and check them out at

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