Call for Artists and Tree of Life at Pinecrest Gardens


Environmental Art Contest, Call for Artists, and Tree of Life at Pinecrest Gardens


Venture into Pinecrest Gardens and you’ll find the youngest embodiments of the tallest and smallest Baobab species, thriving in a testament to the resilience and adaptability of these arboreal wonders.

“The Baobab: Guardian of Wisdom and Life”

In the arid expanses of sub-Saharan Africa, the African Baobab, Adansonia digitata, stands as an iconic symbol of resilience and wisdom. Found not only in Africa but also across the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, and notably on Madagascar, these colossal trees, often taken for granted, hold untold secrets.

Baobabs play a crucial role in the environment, offering safety and nesting places for wildlife, providing nectar for pollinators, and serving as a vital food and water source for elephants. Their remarkable ability to endure damage, even from thirsty elephants stripping away bark, showcases their tenacity.

For humans in dry regions, Baobabs prove indispensable. Hollow limbs become homes for honeybees, fibrous bark transforms into ropes and nets, and leaves are harvested as fodder for livestock. The pulpy fruit, rich in vitamin C, is a staple in African markets, while seeds yield a high-fat, high-protein flour. Young leaves add a nutritious touch when cooked as vegetables. Historically, Baobabs played a role in the slave trade, planted along trade routes and found in the Arabian Peninsula and New World tropics.

Beyond practical uses, Baobabs feature prominently in myths, especially their intriguing “upside-down” appearance during leafless periods, resembling trees growing inverted in the earth.

The Baobab Tree has made appearances in various books, movies, and cultural references. Some examples include The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: In the story, the Little Prince diligently uproots small Baobab plants on his tiny planet to prevent them from growing into massive trees that could destroy it. In “The African Queen” (1951): The famous film starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn features scenes shot in Africa, showcasing the unique landscape, including Baobab trees.

Pinecrest Gardens hosts thriving examples of both the tallest and smallest Baobab species, showcasing the enduring legacy and adaptability of these majestic trees. To learn more about our horticulture visit


Calling all students to participate in the Pinecrest Gardens 10th Annual Environmental Arts Contest. This year’s theme is Avian Avatars – Birds. Students are invited to create a piece of artwork inspired by birds and enter their work into the contest. Each year, the Gardens hosts an environmental art contest prompting students of grades 4-12 throughout Miami-Dade to create pieces of art centered on an environmental theme. The contest awards prizes to winners across three grade categories. Draw, paint, sketch, photograph and inspire. To learn more or enter, visit


The Pinecrest Gardens Art & Design Fair (formerly Fine Arts Festival) is an annual tradition that draws more than five thousand visitors and sixty artists over two days in January. In celebration of the 20th Anniversary, we are expanding our festival to include designers and artisans; and are rebranding the event as Art & Design Fair. We will present independently juried art, collective arts, nonprofit exhibitors and live music and performers.

Pinecrest Gardens invites artists, artisans and designers to participate in this juried fair with cash awards totaling $10,000. Browse through our application and let us know if you have any questions. Approximately 50 exhibitors will be accepted at the 2024 Pinecrest Gardens Art & Design Fair. To learn more or enter visit




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