Commercial running on TV for bogus home AC service


A commercial running in the morning news block of Miami’s CBS4 for home air conditioning service is a flat-out consumer rip off.

The commercial is for an air conditioning company. The ad asks consumers to call 954- ACCHEKUP (223-4987) to schedule service for your home air conditioner for the low price of $19.95. You really do not get any service or maintenance for your AC; what you get is a sales pitch to sell you additional equipment for the unit.

Basically, after you call the number and make an appointment, two characters show up in panel truck posing as air conditioning repair men. They enter your home and remove the front panel from the inside of the AC unit and exchange worried looks, then tell you that your AC unit has accumulated mildew on the inside blades. They tell you that when the unit was installed, it should have come with an ultraviolet light to stop the mildew from forming. They say that the inside unit has to be taken out and cleaned, then reinstalled and with the new ultraviolet light. They add that dire consequences could follow if this procedure isn’t followed. Then they give you a verbal estimate of $850 for the work and the parts.

For the record, the men perform absolutely no work on the air conditioner — they don’t even look at the filters, much less change them. They do go outside and take a look at the compressor and say, “Everything is okay here.”

Then they present you with a bill for $19.95 for scheduling an appointment for what amounts to allowing them to give you a sales pitch for the new equipment they want to install on your computer, equipment that is totally unnecessary.

For the record, I did call CBS4 Miami to tell them they were airing a deceptive commercial. I left a message, but nobody from CBS4 bothered to call me back. Where is Al Sunshine when you need him? I even left a written message of complaint about the phony commercial and the bogus company; but, again, I did not get a response. And I note that the ad continues to air on the morning news block of CBS4.

If you are looking for annual service for your air conditioner, don’t bother calling 954-ACCHEKUP (223-4987) to schedule an appointment; you’ll just get ripped off for $19.95.

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  1. Advertising $$$$ rule the media these days, not necessarily truth or integrity. If a local station promotes deceptive advertising and doesn't even bother to call you back, turn it off. There are others that will work hard for their viewers and be more responsive to community concerns. Reward them with your loyalty. By the way, check the News ratings and see who's fallen to the bottom of the list in the critical 11 PM Newscasts.


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