Community policing in the Village should be our goal

Grant Miller, Publisher
Grant Miller, Publisher

Let’s make community policing the top priority in Pinecrest. Let’s get back to the small town approach of police officers walking their beat in business areas, getting to know the owners and suggesting things that can help reduce crime.

Rather than patrol officers sitting in their cars in residential areas, they could get out, knock on doors each day, get acquainted with homeowners, check for problem areas in home security and form a bond with residents that will make the officers’ job easier and the residents safer.

Pinecrest is a small town, relatively speaking, and rather than having those who need public safety and those who provide it separated, it just makes sense to have every-one on the same team.

Studies were done in the ’90s on community policing projects in cities like Madison, Wisconsin; New York City; Seattle, Washington and Chicago, Illinois.

The results showed change was possible and there were benefits in safety and improved attitudes. If the police, residents and business owners will work together, Pinecrest can be a better and safer place for everyone.

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