Coral Reef student produces anti-bullying film for HHS contestCoral Reef student produces anti-bullying film for HHS contest

David Scherker’s dream is to go to filmschool in California; UCLA is his top school in California; UCLA is his top choice. So when he learned about the Stop Bullying Video Challenge put out by the Department of Health and Human Services, he decided to enter even though the deadline was less than a week away. And although the process was fast, the results were terrific.

“I didn’t win the contest yet, but out of 900 applicants, my video made it to the top 25,” Scherker says. “In December, we find out the five finalists and those go to popular voting.”

Because the topic is bullying and Scherker had the experience of being bullied in middle school, he was able to come up with an effective film in a short period of time.

“Since I did, in fact, go to middle school, I have experienced bullying,” he says. “Every middle school has bullying.”

In the film, he shows the three different type of bullying — verbal, physical and isolation.

“I started off with isolation bullying, then physical and verbal,” he says. “All without dialogue. This entire video is under a minute and you see multiple things happening at once through split screen.”

The message of how to stop bullying was highlighted by the tag line “It starts with one, where one person does the right things.”

“One kid sees one girl do the good deed and he goes to help. Another kid sees them do the good deed, that inspires him to help the kid who was bullied,” Scherker says, adding that he was subjected to more than one type of bullying when he was in middle school

“I’ve also been through the isolation bullying,” he says. “I’ve never been physically bullied, but I’ve seen it in the halls. You can always find bullying in middle school.”

In most cases, adults say the child needs to tell the teacher, but that often just leads to increased bullying. Scherker says that usually doesn’t help except in the case of extreme physical bullying.

The Coral Reef junior said as soon as he found out about the contest, he came up with his idea and wrote an outline.

“I figured out who I wanted and made sure they could be in it,” he says, adding that he used fellow students from his drama class for the actors. Then, just a couple of days before the entry was due, he sat down with his TV production teacher to plan out how to frame the shots to make editing easier and the video smoother looking.

“If you frame the shots badly, it looks very choppy and distracting,” he says. “We filmed Friday and when I got home I edited until late at night. Saturday, I edited all day and added tints and colors to the videos.”

Scherker also went over the rules and then doubled checked to make sure he followed them precisely so that his entry would qualify. The video will be posted online within the next few weeks.

Scherker says he has been working hard to become a good filmmaker. As a student in the Visual and Performing Arts magnet at Coral Reef, he takes television production and drama. He is currently interning at the Borscht Film Festival, doing some acting and helping prepare some of the movies.

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