Countdown to summer… tune up your body

Countdown to summer... tune up your body
Countdown to summer... tune up your body
Tune up your body

Springing away from spring break and prepping for the summer, what are you doing for your body?

Hopefully you didn’t have to think much about that answer. It may start with the gym or clean eating, but more importantly it starts with having the right mindset. A Zen saying by philosophical writer Eric Hoffer states, “To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.” Try viewing yourself and your daily habits through an outside perspective. Know and understand your strengths and weaknesses, and literally write down what you can do to change your habits to better accommodate your health, and even your life. If the procrastinating voice is talking now, shut it off and start writing now! Don’t worry, you can get back to reading after.

If you’re on track with your fitness, awesome! Visit our fitness center and feel right at home with nothing but positive vibes, motivation and the feeling of being in a modern day Cheers episode. Trust me, it’s just that kind of happy place. If you’ve fallen back on your fitness because of the inevitable obstacles life throws at us or you simply haven’t started yet, the variety of options at the JCC Fitness Center allow you to go at a pace that best suits your needs. You can get a kick start session with a certified personal trainer or participate in one of the group exercise classes.

For our current members, we are happy to have you as part of the family to enjoy our exciting programming. Non-members, our doors are always open. I know that with all the gyms out there it’s hard to choose one, and realistically a one-day — or even a three-day pass — isn’t enough.

So, through April 30 we are offering onemonth trials for just $33 per person, with other affordable options available. Remember, we are much more than just a fitness center, which is why you really need a month to experience what we have. Walt Disney had the idea of creating a world of inhabitation as a means of escape from the stressors of the world we live in; while our motif may pale in comparison, we’ve got the same idea. We have a modern fitness center packed with equipment, an amazing on-site therapy center powered by Theriam (they’ve completely rehabbed my athletic injuries, so I can vouch), a Junior Olympic pool, baseball fields, schools, playgrounds, theater, art gallery, children’s museum and loads more.

We are now offering Small Group Training packages. Each program runs for eight weeks (16 one-hour sessions in total). This program will maximize the amount of work by utilizing a full body circuit workout Monday and Wednesday evenings, with a recommended exercise prescription of two to three days of cardio throughout the week. Full body measurements will be made before and after, and goals will be ensured to be met. A total of $320 is due at sign up, which breaks the program down to just $20 per onehour session, making it an affordable solution if money is a drawback to getting personal training.

Whether you’re prepping your body for Miami’s year-round summer, training for function, just need a healthy way to let out that stress or making it your lifestyle by applying all of the above, stay safe and stay consistent.

Don’t forget to also prep the kids for this summer with our award-winning summer camp. There are no more registration fees; new camps like Robotics and transportation available for those east of South Dixie Highway. Camp forms can be downloaded from our website and you can register by visiting our camp office or calling extension 271.

Call us at 305-271-9000 or visit us and follow us at and @alperjcc.

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