The Effect of Stem Cells on Physical and Mental Health

The Effect of Stem Cells on Physical and Mental Health

The Effect of Stem Cells on Physical and Mental HealthIn the medical community, stem cells are referred to as the Medical Revolution of the 21st Century. It has been a long time since I performed my first operation on an Achilles tendon back in 1987, and now I dedicate myself to something much more complex: implanting stem cells in patients with orthopedic diseases. Despite the limited time we have spent researching stem cells, we know that these cells continue to display an infinite capacity for healing.

Take this story as an example:

One of my patients, Enrique, is a Cuban veterinarian who is almost 90 years old and has been suffering from a severe wear of the joints and intervertebral discs in his neck. His situation has worsened over the last two years. Enrique’s pain was incessant and made it virtually impossible for him to move his neck. One of the things I enjoy most in my profession is to hear patients’ stories about their past life.

Throughout all of Enrique’s visits, he has always told me many interesting stories about his life as a veterinarian in Cuba. It had pained me to see Enrique regress in the last two years, to the point where he was not able to do daily activities without the use of a neck brace. Such was his frustration that he no longer wanted to leave his house and spent the whole day sitting in a chair staring into the distance.

Two months ago I proposed to Enrique and his daughter the only viable alternative, which was to implant autologous bone marrow stem cells and fat to the damaged areas of his neck. Fortunately, as soon as Enrique heard the idea, he not hesitate to accept. Very recently, I examined Enrique, after 8 weeks, and the results left me flabbergasted. The pain had completely disappeared, he had gotten rid of the neck brace, and he was able to move his neck from side to side without any difficulty. To me, the most important part was that Enrique’s face was full of happiness. His daughter told me that a month after the implant, the pain disappeared. Then, Enrique was able to enroll in a social group of senior citizens to exercise. Overall, Enrique was someone else.

We agree that the treatment regenerated and rebuilt the damaged tissues in the neck, but the truth is that it went further, and rejuvenated and eliminated Enrique’s depression. His face and attitude were different, as if something had influenced his psyche, something that I cannot explain, and that moved me greatly. Results like these make me believe in the ability of cells to achieve the impossible, regardless of age, race, color or social status of the individual.

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