Four Candidates seek Pinecrest Council seats


On the November 3rd ballot, four candidates are running for seats on the Pinecrest Village Council. For Seat 1 the candidates are (in alphabetical order) Anna Hochkammer and Harry Speizer. For Seat 3 the candidates are Shannon Del Prado and Laura McNaughton.


Four Candidates seek Pinecrest Council seats
Anna Hochkammer.

Anna Hochkammer was born in Michigan. After graduating from Northwestern University, she went to Quito, Ecuador to pursue a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature.

She met and married an Ecuadorian man and lived in that country for 15 years. She became a middle school math teacher and created non-profits, including one that provided professional development for public school teachers and another that funded public children’s libraries. She and her family moved to Miami in 2009 and settled in Pinecrest.

She was involved in the PTA and advocacy for public education. She served as the President of the Miami Palmetto Senior High PTSA from 2014-2016.

She won a seat on the Village of Pinecrest Council in 2016, has served on the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Family and Community Involvement Committee (2016-2017), served on the National League of Cities’ Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations Advisory Committee (2017-2018), the Board of the Miami-Dade County League of Cities and the Board of PACE Green Energy. In 2020 she was appointed to the Board of The Two Hundred Club of Greater Miami.

“As Councilmember, I have lowered your property taxes, kept crime rates at historic low levels, enhanced our parks & recreation facilities and improved sustainability. Pinecrest has a secure financial profile due to excellent budgeting and detailed strategic planning. Careful oversight and technology investments help our police department push crime rates even lower. Our facilities are being maintained at the highest levels, while our sports, culture and arts programs thrive. Sustainability and environmental stewardship mold our initiatives. In my second term, I will continue to lower your property taxes, invest in technology and cybersecurity and find the resources to complete our infrastructure deficiencies so that Pinecrest continues to be the premier family community in the decades to come.”

Her campaign website is at

Four Candidates seek Pinecrest Council seats
Harry Speizer

Harry Speizer has been a Village of Pinecrest resident for more than 30 years. He is married and the father of three children, all of whom attended Pinecrest Public Schools, and is a proud grandfather. He is a graduate of the University of Miami Herbert School of Business with an MBA degree. He is a former senior executive with a publicly traded corporation and is the owner and founder of a successful small business firm.

A community activist, he has been an active participant in government decisions “in order to assist in achieving a better Pinecrest.” He supported needed and often overlooked improvements to infrastructure, physical assets, and municipal services. He opposed poorly planned projects, unnecessary expenditures, and unfair tax increases. He served on the Pinecrest Zoning Board.

“As an observer of our Village Council for many years, and a frequent contributor to discussions and initiatives, I know I can help guide our community to a brighter future.
I intend to bring more transparency, better communication, and more citizen involvement to the council. We should provide more detailed and clearer agendas, more background information on important initiatives, and encourage more citizen participation. Public safety is one of my top concerns and I am committed to supporting and maintaining a highly trained, efficient, and well-led police force. On the budget, I intend to keep a close eye on spending to avoid wasteful and unnecessary expenditures. My goal is to maintain proper funding levels. I will work to expand the use of citizen advisory councils to aid in decision making. By taking a more pragmatic, fact-based approach to decision-making, we can make Pinecrest an even better community than it already is.”

Her campaign website is at


Four Candidates seek Pinecrest Council seats
Shannon del Prado

Shannon del Prado is a 16 year resident of Pinecrest; wife, mother of three and partner at her law firm. She has a deep record of volunteer leadership in Pinecrest and the broader community. Shannon serves on the Pinecrest Zoning Board, a volunteer position, and for more than a year has attended every council meeting, budget meeting and strategic planning session. An attorney for 23 years, del Prado is a leader in the legal community and recipient of the Art Garcia Award for Public Service Award. Del Prado and her husband, Skip Pita, have raised their three children in Pinecrest schools and cherish the community they call home.

“I am committed to serving our community and if elected, the needs of Pinecrest Residents will be my top priority. First, we need government focused on serving people. I bring nearly two decades of volunteer leadership – including on the Pinecrest Zoning Board – that will allow me to focus right away on the issues that affect residents. Second, we need to prioritize our community’s health and wellbeing. I will work closely with business leaders to keep our local economy strong, to ensure re-opening is managed safely and responsible, and I will ensure our community policing model prioritizes resident safety. Third, I have extensive experience in managing financial resources, ranging from my law firm’s books, to serving as treasurer and financial manager in legal associations, and serving as treasurer in volunteer PTA’s at our local schools. Our finances must be managed responsibly for us to remain vibrant, strong and have the Pinecrest we all want.”

Her campaign website is at

Four Candidates seek Pinecrest Council seats
Laura McNaughton

Laura McNaughton is of Cuban heritage. She and her husband have lived in Pinecrest for 21 years, where they raised their two children. She is an accountant and business manager with a 20-year career in the seafood industry. She is now a substitute teacher at Palmetto and Howard Drive elementary schools.

“I have knocked on more than 2600 doors and spoken to more than 900 residents. Every resident has faced an issue that affects their home, their quality of life and their immediate neighborhood. Regardless, no matter how large or small, I will be there to advocate for their issues such as:
● Safety concerns
● Having the right priorities when spending the people’s money
● Having prompt access to Village departments and Council

I have the time to invest in my community and serve my neighbors and the people of Pinecrest on the Village Council. You may contact me by phone at 305-900-3985 or by email at

Her campaign website is at

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