Four tips to help you or your child manage time

Sofia Munilla

Time management is a common struggle in a teen’s life.

The most challenging job high schoolers have is to balance school, family, extracurriculars, and social status. A generational gap often leaves parents and kids in a state of misunderstanding. This explains why trying to help occasionally can worsen matters.

Unfortunately, time isn’t unlimited, so everyone should manage it the best they can. To those seeking some helpful tips in organizing their child’s life, or their own, the following are some tips from my experience.

Tip 1: Assess your time

Take an in-depth look at your schedule and try to set your priorities straight. Some things are less necessary than others and can be sacrificed or put on hold for a more organized and efficient lifestyle.

As an upcoming high school senior, I have had various first-hand experiences in which time and flexibility seemed unobtainable. I later researched and found that I wasn’t alone in my challenges. Countless studies have shown that prioritizing is a valuable step towards a balanced schedule.

Tip 2: Always be prepared

For me, a big day can be very stressful; I’m nervous, flustered, and probably late. A helpful trick is packing everything you need the night before. Set up an outfit, make lunch, pack your backpack/purse/briefcase, etc.

Make sure everything is set for the next day so that you can wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and confident for that important test or meeting. To eliminate anxiety, you can also make a “to-do” list of things that need to be completed and review it throughout your day.

Tip 3: Multitask efficiently

Being caught between two engagements at the same time can be one of the most frustrating things, and it happens quite frequently. Multitasking is a powerful skill used to work smarter, not harder.

Taking notes while paying attention is a very common and helpful way to use this tool. It can be very beneficial to your life. However, it is vital to stay patient and not rush when doing it. This tool applied incorrectly can result in great error.

I also would suggest not being afraid to ask for help. Surely there is someone happy and willing to assist and take some weight off your back. As much as you may think you need to do everything on your own, letting someone in can’t hurt. It helps more than you think.

Tip 4: Keep calm and carry on

Although it may feel like the end of the world if this or that doesn’t get done, keeping a straight and untroubled mind is key to success in anything. Try to appropriate your most patient and optimistic self when methodizing your schedule. It may be difficult, but keep in mind that there is most likely someone in your similar position and you’re not alone.

Another suggestion would be to take on a hobby. A hobby can add excitement, motivation, or even distraction when you find yourself stuck in a never-ending routine. It can give you the determination to get the job done and get started on your newfound interest.

I, as with many scholars my age, was suddenly forced to modify my schedule entirely when I went into junior year. It was a rather chaotic and frustrating start of the semester. My senior year begins soon, and I’ve never felt so tranquil at the thought of it. I credit this to my newfound keys to a managed life, which I am confident will come to prominent use throughout the rest of my days, and hopefully, yours too.

Sofia Munilla is a senior at Palmer Trinity.


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