Grand Opening of Miami Vision Therapy in Pinecrest

Optometrists Dr. Man Kin “Eric” Chow and Dr. Adam Clarin are proud to announce the opening of Miami Vision Therapy, located at 9655 S. Dixie Hwy, Suite 202 in Pinecrest. Miami Vision Therapy provides office-based vision therapy to both children and adults, focusing on specialized activities aimed at developing efficient visual and processing skills.

Vision therapy treats patients with vision issues ranging from amblyopia, strabismus, binocular vision disorders, visually-related learning issues as well as acquired and post traumatic brain injuries. Using lenses, prisms and activities, an individualized optometric vision therapy program is designed to improve visual function, comfort and performance in any area of life.

“Starting with a functional vision evaluation, we are able to uncover visual inefficiencies that are sometimes obvious, such as an eye turn, but also the subtle inefficiencies that aren’t so obvious,” said Dr. Chow, a former Nicklaus Children’s Hospital optometrist who will be leading the optometric care at Miami Vision Therapy.  “Often patients don’t realize that the symptoms they’re having are related to their eyes.”

A thorough functional evaluation goes beyond 20/20 vision and gets into every aspect of vision, such as how the eyes see individually, how they work together, how they focus on near and far objects as well as the sustainability and efficiency of the visual system. In addition, the evaluation assesses how visual information is processed in the brain and how a person uses that information to guide action in life.

After an evaluation, an individualized report is produced that is used as a guide for therapy including any accommodations that might help.

Dr. Clarin, who is the owner of Clarin Eye Care Center in Palmetto Bay and Coral Gables Eye Care Center in Coral Gables, added, “Most of us take vision for granted. We wake up every morning to this vibrant, beautiful, three-dimensional world, but we never think about how our eyes actually work. Our brains process all of this visual information in real time to guide almost every decision and action. Even the smallest visual inefficiency can affect how clumsy we are or if we fall behind in our reading level.”

The goal of vision therapy is to retrain the brain and eyes to work together better as a team, enhance the brain’s ability to control eye alignment, eye movement, focusing ability, and eye teaming skills. Functional vision is a learned skill and just as with any other learned skill, functional vision can be improved with practice.

Along with Dr. Chow and Dr. Clarin, Miami Vision Therapy has experienced vision therapists Jennifer Jones-Rafky and Lesli Radcliffe, who have more than 40 years of combined experience providing vision therapy to children and families in South Florida.

“I am so passionate about vision therapy and its potential to truly improve the quality of life for so many children and adults,” said Jones-Rafky. “Miami Vision Therapy is poised to become the leading provider of vision therapy in South Florida and I am excited to further expand its reach.”

Services offered at Miami Vision Therapy include functional vision evaluations and doctor-directed, personalized one-on-one vision therapy sessions.

For more information on Miami Vision Therapy, visit or call (786) 588-7295. Miami Vision Therapy is exclusively a vision therapy practice and works with referring eyecare providers for the patients’ primary eye care needs.

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