Today’s business looks to Intermedia Touch for future digital signage solutions

Today’s business looks to Intermedia Touch for future digital signage solutions
Pictured are Intermedia Touch founders Osmany Barrinat, Cristina Miller, Oswaldo Barrinat and Henry Miller.
Pictured are Intermedia Touch founders Osmany Barrinat, Cristina Miller, Oswaldo Barrinat and Henry Miller.
[dropcap]S[/dropcap]etting yourself apart in the specialized field of digital signage is no easy task. But Miami-based Intermedia Touch — with expertise in video walls, interactive displays, LED signs, directories, wayfinding, custom software and three-dimensional projection mapping — has developed a comprehensive custom approach to ensure that every aspect of a client’s vision is realized.

“We’ve always upheld a very intimate, small business mentality,” says Cristina Miller, president of Intermedia Touch. “We go the extra mile for every client, whether it’s Joe’s Bakery down the street, the Miami Children’s Hospital or one of the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s casinos.

Not only are we able to develop and offer the best available hardware options on the market; we’re also a software developer. This allows us to custom design content as we support and maintain an entire project.”

Evidence of Intermedia Touch’s work is found throughout South Florida. Located at The Miami Children’s Hospital within the Global Telemedicine Command Center, there is a custom designed and constructed a video wall that spans more than 300 inches diagonally. The video wall, created by Intermedia Touch, has custom content, including geo-mapping, social media feeds and news updates. It is an industry innovation.

The company also custom designed a 230-inch interactive video wall at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, and continues to create touch-screen casino promotions on a continual basis. Intermedia Touch has created more than 50 interactive games for the casino industry, including the hugely popular Valentine-Day themed “Tunnel of Love.”

At Florida International University’s new PG5 building, they created a kiosk that provides wayfinding, as well as meal plans for students as they utilize its interactive front-end interface. Behind the scenes at the same kiosk, custom data mining is performed that gathers information as to what it is that the students are clicking on. The data acquired through this process is utilized to assist the university in its development of metrics for use in future projects.

Intermedia Touch digital wizardry is also being used to give the Miami Marlins a competitive edge. The firm constructed a state-of-the-art custom batting stance analysis system in the Marlins Park training room. The interface combines a visual projector and an e-pen peripheral and can be used to pinpoint areas within a batter’s stance and swing that may need improvement, and it is proving to be an invaluable resource for the team.

“When we sit down with our clients, we don’t only think about what they want in the short term; it’s important to know what they want in the long term,” Miller says. “Because technology is changing so rapidly, we must be able to anticipate what the client’s needs are going to be down the road; we don’t want to sell them something that’s going to be obsolete a few years from now.”

Intermedia Touch, an Apex Award winner, was created in 2008 when Miller, a former sports industry professional, and her husband Henry, an audio/visual specialist, grew interested in the field of holographic technology. They joined forces with two colleagues in the field of Information Technology, Osmany and Oswaldo Barrinat. Together, the team of four worked to launch Intermedia Touch with the goal of expanding the boundaries of cutting edge digital interactivity.

“We found that digital signage, as part of the technological evolution that is taking place, was a very under marketed and under examined industry, and we worked together to identify opportunities to integrate all of our talents,” she says. “When a company — whether it’s a casino, a university or a hospital — does a big project, they typically have to utilize the services of three or four different vendors to accomplish a single project. What sets us apart is that they now only have to use a single vendor for the duration of a project.”

Intermedia Touch is active in the local community, including Marly Quincoces- Casanova’s Perform Acts of Random Kindness (PARK) project. They also continue work on their massive ongoing project at Miami Children’s Hospital, which will be fully interactive in the near future.

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