K-2 Ventures helps businesses reach their peak

K-2 Ventures helps businesses reach their peak

An interesting new company has opened its doors in Palmetto Bay. K-2 Ventures, which was founded in 2019 by longtime Palmetto Bay residents Mark Kacer and his son Kevin Kacer, partners with owners and operators of small to mid-sized businesses. K-2 offers business owners options ranging from growth capital and minority investments to full buyouts.

“We appreciate what it takes to build a business from the ground up, having been through that challenging process many times ourselves,” says Mark Kacer, a veteran business executive who has served as CFO, COO and CEO for multiple South Florida corporations. “We provide an operational focus to our investment strategy to enhance the performance of the companies we invest in.”

A prime example would be a family-owned and operated business whose founder may wish to retire. K-2 would perform its due diligence on the company, assessing aspects such as infrastructure, sales and marketing, IT and management. After consulting with their stable of accountants, lawyers, investors, and other associates, the Kacers would offer the owner a proposal that lays out the key terms of the deal. Once the founder is satisfied and in agreement with the terms, the transaction would be finalized, and the sale would be complete.

“We’re extremely transparent with business owners and walk them through every aspect of the deal process,” says Kevin Kacer, a Florida-licensed CPA who also holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. “We strongly believe that optimizing operations is the key to creating value.”

Kevin further stated: “For those owners that do not want to sell at this time, we also offer financial and operational consulting. If your company is not performing at its peak, we can help you to achieve the desired results.”

K-2 specializes in a variety of transaction types ranging from recapitalizations, management buyouts, divestitures and growth capital. The Kacers are interested in working with businesses based in the United States that have annual revenues ranging from a few million dollars up to $50 million.

Mark and his wife Debbie Schubert Kacer, who is also a CPA, raised their family in Palmetto Bay. Mark and Kevin are both very active in the Miracle League of Miami-Dade, a baseball program for children and adults with physical and/or developmental challenges. Mark and Kevin graduated from Florida State University with degrees in accounting. Mark enjoyed a career with Arthur Andersen prior to becoming a career senior level executive, while Kevin joined the accounting firm of Kaufman and Rossin before working as an investment banker in Charleston, SC.

Mark added, “There are a lot of business owners who would like to retire but are unsure of what to do with their company. K-2 has the expertise and financial resources to help them achieve their goals.”

To learn how K-2 Ventures can help your business reach its peak, call Mark Kacer at 305-962-0209.

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