Learn the art of Bonsai at Pinecrest Gardens

Learn the art of Bonsai at Pinecrest Gardens

Bonsai is the ancient art form of growing miniature trees in containers, which help us connect to nature. Through this process, it strengthens our spirit. When people first learn about bonsai, they are often surprised that it is considered a form of art, rather than gardening. Bonsai, for many, is an object, a tiny potted tree, one that is cared for just like any other potted plant. But true bonsai is an activity, one that is undertaken for many years, with patience, sensitivity and nurturing.

Bonsai trees are not stunted or pruned into an artificial shape. Just as a painter works on a canvas or a sculptor works with bronze, bonsai artists work with the living structure of a tree, cultivating and coaxing it into its final beautiful form. Bonsai artists respect the dignity of each living organism, working with it over the years to help focus its growth and character.

Depending on the artist’s vision, the trees can grow to be a few feet tall or be shaped into the tiniest miniatures, and be cultivated into balanced, natural, shapes. The most popular varieties of trees and shrubs used in bonsai are pines, whose leaves are evergreen, maples, whose leaves change color in autumn, flowering cherry or plum trees, and fruit-bearing trees, like the quince and persimmon. Regardless of the tree chosen, a beautiful and well-suited container is always considered part of the entire piece. Pinecrest Gardens is running a Bonsai Series and students are required to take these courses in sequence. All bonsai courses are hands-on with intensive instructor interaction.

The workshops are held in the Hibiscus Gallery at 10:30 a.m. $30 for each class, or $75 for all three, plants and tools included in the price. This series is limited to 12 people, so call today and reserve your place at 305-669-6990.

8/09/2018 – Basics of Bonsai: Join us at Pinecrest Gardens for this introduction to bonsai. Taught by bonsai expert Glenn Hilton, students will learn the necessary basics of this limitless horticultural art. Young plants, pots, and materials will be provided.

9/13/2018 – Bonsai Growth and Shaping: Students enrolled in the second class of the series will gain further experience in what makes a bonsai a bonsai! Hands-on instructor assistance will help students shape and develop their bonsai. Learn tips and tricks to keep your bonsai healthy and beautiful.

10/11/2018 – Bonsai Troubleshooting: In the third class of the series, students will discover common diseases, pests and other nuisances that effect bonsai. The instructor will provide support and experienced diagnosis of all things bonsai. Students will conclude the class series with confidence and well-rounded basic bonsai skills.

Xavier Cortada presents 80.15 W in the Hibiscus Gallery opening Sunday, August 12 with an artist meet and greet at 12:00 p.m.

Titled for Biscayne Bay’s longitude, “80.15 W” features the 17 threatened and endangered species that call Biscayne National Park home. Xavier Cortada created the drawings on carbon paper, a metaphor for the impact (or “carbon footprint”) that humans have had on that animal, even across the boundaries of protected nature preserves.

“80.15 W” was first exhibited in 2010 at the national park as part of an effort that invited 360 participants to pledge eco-actions locally in support of these animals across the Earth’s 360 longitudes. Each participant also created a flag portraying their adopted animal. The 360 flags were used to create “Endangered World: Biscayne National Park” (2010), Cortada’s mile-long installation leading visitors from the park’s main entrance to the water’s edge. The original carbon paper works are now in the permanent collection of the NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Through this participatory eco-art project, Cortada has also addressed global biodiversity loss through art installations at the South Pole (2007), North Pole (2008), Holland (2009) and through online participatory art projects. You can learn more at www.endangeredworld.org.

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