Letter to the Editor- ‘Beer Pong Promotes Alcoholism’

Dear Editor:

I was dismayed to read the article on Beer Pong by Jesse Scheckner in the Pinecrest Tribune (Dec. 30, 2013). The purpose of the game Beer Pong is not to determine any skill in maneuvering ping pong balls into cups, but rather to determine how much alcohol one can consume in a short period of time without passing out or dying of acute alcohol intoxication. It is more akin to Russian Roulette than ping pong.

At present, there are many thousands of deaths per year due to acute alcohol intoxication. This article glorifies and promotes Beer Pong without mentioning the inherent dangers of the binge drinking associated with this activity. The Pinecrest Tribune should publish a follow-up to better educate readers about the serious risks of the “game.”


Barry Halpern, M.D.

Coral Gables

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