M-DCPS Students, Parents – How to Prepare, What to Expect for the 2022-2023 School Year

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is buzzing with excitement as we prepare for  the start of the 2022-2023 school year beginning Wednesday, August 17. The upcoming  academic year promises to be another stimulating and rewarding one for students, parents,  and employees, as M-DCPS continues to provide students with extraordinary educational  programs and experiences.  

The Back-to-School website contains important information about requirements and available  services to make sure your children are ready to start and do not miss a thing.  

New and Renovated Schools 

M-DCPS students, staff, parents and community members can look forward to many new and  modernized school buildings and facilities. Improvements to M-DCPS facilities, including  renovating, remodeling and replacing schools, expanding student capacity, enhancing safety  and providing technology upgrades, were made possible with capital funds and General  Obligation Bonds (GOB).  

New Programs and Initiatives 

Students and employees will begin the school year with a multitude of bold, cutting-edge  programs that build on the District’s goals of providing classroom innovation, academic rigor,  innovative choice programs, mental health guidance, access and equity, as well as increased  efficiencies in operations.  


Parents are urged to check their children’s immunization records to see if they are due for any  mandated school entry vaccines. According to Florida Statute, immunizations are mandatory  for all students when entering Kindergarten, 7th grade and for some, 12th grade. Children  whose parents cannot afford to pay for vaccines may receive free immunizations, under the  Vaccines for Children program, which provides free vaccines at county health department  centers. For more information, visit the M-DCPS website at www.dadeschools.net or contact  the Miami-Dade County Department of Health at 786-845-0550, or dial 211 and ask for  immunization providers in your area. 

School Meals 

M-DCPS announced that all students will be served lunch and breakfast at no charge at all schools for the 2022-2023 school year. This is an amendment to the school board policy for  serving meals to students under the National School Lunch / School Breakfast Program.  

School Zones 

Slow down, stay alert and stop for buses. Observe the 15-mph school zone speed limit. 

After-School Care 

M-DCPS offers 325 after-school care programs. Contact your child’s school to find out more. 

Safety First 

Urge your child to say something if they see something suspicious. Anonymous tips can be  reported to 305-995-COPS (2677) or on the FortifyFL app, available at getfortifyfl.com 

Contact Information 

M-DCPS can communicate accurately and efficiently with parents through voice, text, and  email messages. It is important that your child’s school has the most current parent contact  information. Parents can update their details by contacting their child’s principal. They may  also opt-in for emergency text messages by texting “Y” to 67587 on their mobile device

Dadeschools Mobile App 

The recently updated Dadeschools Mobile App is a one-stop shop for parents. Access  important information including class schedules, school grades lunch menus, class and bus  schedules, District news and much more. Download the free app to your iPhone or Android  device. 

Mental Health Resources 

To support the mental health and wellbeing of students and families, M-DCPS has provided  administrators, faculty and staff with enhanced social-emotional learning and mental health  awareness trainings to identify and support the needs of students and help them reacclimate to  the learning environment. Parents can ease their child’s anxiety by modeling confidence and  calm behavior, and by imposing structure in family life (mealtime, homework, and bedtime  routines). If a child shows signs of extreme anxiety and has unusual difficulties in school,  parents should immediately discuss their concerns with their child’s teacher as well as a  mental health professional. 


Students eligible for District transportation services will receive a mailed notification. Parents  can also check the Dadeschools Mobile App and the Student Portal for bus route information.  Please note there may be delays in the first week of service. 

M-DCPS Resources 

  • Parent Concern Hotline: 305-995-2333 for general questions. 
  • Back-to-School Parent Information: backtoschool.dadeschools.net provides  continuous updates and resources, including FAQs and helpful links. 
  • The Parent Academy: parentacademymiami.com supports and motivates families with  access to information and vital resources in the form of a wide variety of training tools,  webinars and resources. The Parent Academy is holding new, weekly webinars in three  languages. Visit their Virtual Toolkit for Families or call 305-271-8257 for more Back-to School information. 
  • Department of Mental Health Services: mentalhealthservices.dadeschools.net or 305- 995-7100 for support, services and resources for students and families. 
  • Project UP-START: 305-995-7558 for students experiencing unstable housing. Adult and Career/Technical Education: 305-558-8000 for adult and/or career  technical students and enrollment information.

Editor’s Note: Back-to-School Checklist attached.  

For the most up-to-date information, please download the Dadeschools Mobile App to your  iPhone or Android device. Follow us on Twitter @mdcps and @suptdotres, on Instagram  @miamischools and @suptdotres, and on Facebook at MiamiSchools

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