Make the changes you need for the new year!

Make the changes you need for the new year!
Body Code Fitness owner Joe Neyra wants you in the gym.

New Year, New You
“The unfortunate news is that between October 31st and January 1st the average person gains up to 7 pounds,” says Body Code Fitness owner Joe Neyra. “Multiple years of that is not something you want to look at.”

With 2020 upon us it’s time to change our ways. 3500 calories equal one pound. So, as Joe says, one hour of working out does not make up for 23 hours of miseating. The goal is to take in fewer calories than you use. If you can create a 1000 calorie a day deficit formula, you’ll lose the ideal two pounds per week. So, join me! It’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.

Body Code Fitness is located at 8830 SW 129th Terrace. You can call them at 305-256-9212 and check them out at Mention this article to receive a full week of unlimited classes and two sessions with a personal trainer for free.

New Year, New Finances
“Record-keeping is the most critical thing you can do for 2020,” explains Certified Public Accountant Marcell Hetenyi. “Whether it be the tax forms that will start coming in soon or detailed receipts for your 2020 returns, saving this critical information can save you time, money and hassle. Budgets are also very important. Did you eat out too much? Buy more than necessary clothing? Take too many vacations? We now have a clean 12 months and can look back at 2019 and make appropriate proactive adjustments.”

He suggests most people are not honest with themselves when it comes to what they take home, what they spend and how much they save. So, if we truly want to have a handle on our financial well-being, it starts with budgeting and honest tracking. He believes 99 percent of us are in for a shock when we do that. When cognizant of our actions, we tend to make improvements. Oh, and maximize any 401k matching programs at work!

Marcell can be reached at Scheckner and Hetenyi, PL located in the Palmetto Bay Village Center for more detailed advice. Call 305-379-0603 or go to

New Year, New Home
Families change. Opportunities change and so do family needs and desires. Each year 14 percent of Americans move and over our lifetime the average American moves 11 times. One of my favorite sayings is “a home is a bank account you live in.” This means that the asset over time grows in value, plus you get daily value by living in the home. If you currently rent, strongly consider home ownership because your rent is essentially you paying for someone else’s mortgage. You’d be surprised how easy it is to put yourself in the right financial position and achieve home ownership.

Real Estate Update
As of December 13, the Pinecrest market is a buyer’s market. A healthy $1M+ market has 6-9 months of inventory. Pinecrest currently has 12 months. If you’re ready to buy, sell or rent, I can assist you with local expertise, realistic expectations and truthful guidance. It’s easy to get started at <> or call 786-693-2005.

Hal Feldman (MiamiHal) is a Realtor with RE/MAX Advance Realty. You can contact him with your story ideas or real estate questions at, or

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