Miss you…..


I miss all of life before early March…  I miss Carlos & Meredith, I miss Jim and Joann,

Fred & Ann, Wayne & Vivian, Craig and Martha, Oscar & Leo… I miss Wednesday at the counter

I miss Lyn, Amy & Barry… Al R.  I miss Roger S. and the mrs. who always know how to do lunch right.

I miss my wine guy’s/ dinners every 2nd Tuesday, I miss the challenge of making new menu’s… I miss the phone calls from purveyors telling me about “whaz up” ..

I miss Albert & Mr. T… “True Gourmands”

I miss the couple who always eat shrimp/pasta .. But NO garlic..

I miss Larry and Lynn because they like “John Anthony”

I miss TJ, Chris, Rick & Judith… I miss Rudy & Virginia, knowing that he likes panko crusted chicken fingers.

I miss  Juan & Juan, Sayda, Guillermo, Angel, Sylvia, Marie, Jean, Victor, Bryan, Miguel…..

I miss Claudia and Judith… I miss making ravioli, because I like to make them

I miss Georgina & Guillermo and son Bill… I miss Chris & Jack… I miss the delivery drivers that always took pride in making sure that the asparagus was the way I wanted it…

I miss Mr & Mrs F  , Bruni & Bryan… I miss Gary, always in the back alone, but in “his” space..

I miss picking my son up from school.. I miss our Monday pizza @ “Harry’s” …

I miss walking my dog.. Without worrying if someone would be uncomfortable about me being too close to them .. It used to be about distance from my 110 lbs German Shepherd…

I miss my mom, my dad, brother and cousins…. Was supposed to go to Denmark, March 19 ..But had to cancel

I miss the Perry’s.. I miss all the wonderful people from Baptist … I miss my daughter who works in the E.R..

I miss Carroll & Ed W.… I miss Grant & Mary S.… I miss Frank… I miss Kitty & Tony along with their wonderful family, ( boy those boy’s got big )

I miss Mindy & Bruce.. I miss Lorna, Lourdes, Denise & Olga

I miss Ellen & Luis, Beth & Larry,  Vince & Randa… I miss Luis & Yendi..

I miss making their special dipping sauce… ..

I miss all the friends and parents of my son..   I miss my in – laws..

I miss  Ilva F. and family .. I miss making his Coq au Vin .. I miss Roger & Mimi, always ready for a great new cut of meat…

I miss Steve, Karen and Sandra..   I miss Becky, Iko & Lisa…

I miss Chip & Pat, Christy & Earl…

I miss Marcello & Marcella on Friday’s

I miss Bruce & Veronica, I miss making his meatballs…. I miss the lady in the end of the counter for lunch, that always order carpaccio and a small Caesar..

I miss making almond crusted goat cheese for Pepe… I miss Mario who always would help me to tickets…

I miss Tim & Carroll ( A lot )..  I miss Ted F, Jonathan F. and their spouses

I miss Julio & Ana… I miss Karen & Jim because they adored the beer battered salmon along with Guillermo as their server, who always had their favorite beverage ready…

I miss Nicola & Jonathan, who has the best smoked salmon.. I miss Mark and Abby, who always enjoyed Friday @ the counter with the Nancy, Jim & Susan…

I miss Chris & Tanya , Peter & Marlene… I miss Umberto who always settled for chicken breast with veggies..

I miss Mike .. I miss Rocky… Joe & Alana  P. 

I miss Peter & Marlene..   Jose & Nicky T..    I miss Mike at the counter..

I miss Don & Carolyn who always brought the “ best “ Juice. .

I miss Oscar M, Brandon & family .. I miss Mr, D. and always keeping table 20 available..

I miss Ester & Luis ..   I missBarbara& Bill L.  The most sensible man I have ever met..

I miss Dr. F & Mr M… Mr. N  … I miss Dr. R.

I miss Blanca N. Making her Asopao.. I miss Steve S. who likes table 13…

I miss Eli & Andi, along with Jeff & Adele … Ed & Barbara, who also like table 13…   I miss Carel F. for lunch who likes table 20.

I miss Mr. A who knows how to do things right…

I miss J. King & Ann.. Ed Lu… whom I know always to be served by Angel…

I miss Willy C. who like table 40 or 13.. I miss Ned on table 10….

I miss Tom & Elisabeth, I miss Carole…

I miss all the great corporations  & businesses  who used our services to promote their products and pamper their clients   

I miss Drew K ..  Scott C. again table 13   I miss Patti S. on table 30 ..  I miss Steve W.

I miss Dr. Z … Miriam from Exxon …  I miss Joan R.

I miss  Richard who supplied me with my kitchen needs….     I  miss Shelly & Julie.   I miss Vicky enjoying Juan’s service…..

I’m sure that I missed some friends of the restaurant, wonderful friends that we have met over the years..…

Allow me to express my feeling of “missing” to all of you that I/we know thru different avenues of recoqnition…

Covid 19, has been a challenge that has exceeded any storm, any season, any financial challenge, not to mention terror attack ETC.

Two Chefs started in 1994.. and many great relation ships has been created over the years…

We are enduring a challenge these day’s.. That seems to have NO end or solution..

Us @ TwoChefs, are determined to keep our lights on … We will be here when Miami – Dade allow us to open our doors again ….

We don’t understand the decisions made this time in Miami – Dade targeting the hospitality industry..  Alternativ is no more than a 30 min car ride…

The fruits and vegetables in our shopping carts, has most likely been touched 27 times to assure ripeness..

Not to mention the potato chip bag that has been turned over for nutritional information  16 times.. because too much time in-front of a computer is starting to change our physique…

Do I need to mention that leaving the avocado’s … leeds to melons, mango’s tomatoe’s ETC. ETC .

I argue that allowing a patron to enter a food service establishment, and being guided to a designated table … Versus a trip to a local retail environment is less “dangerous”

I feel targeted in some way… After “first Lock-down” UV lighting, hand sanitisers was introduced to normal cleaning procedures, and I know that we @ TWOCHEFS did everything in our power to provide a safe environment

Take out and deliveries are still available …Miami Spice is “UP and RUNIING”.. And I thank Dixie Pointe for their support in keeping our lights on ….

Feel like cooking..?   Run thru the community newspapers archives ..

Look for TWOCHEFS/JAN Jorgensen and find lots of inspiration

I hope to see you all soon again, safe & sound… When the “weather” permits….

We are here waiting for you…

Jan Jorgensen & all of us from TWOCHEFS…

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