Mr. Kevin Myles strives for change that is long overdue.


Mr. Kevin Myles is running for Homestead city council. Now, one may ask, “How is this significant?” but the question that should be asked is “How come I haven’t already heard about this?”

Mr. Elvis R. Maldonado occupies Seat #5 in the city council, but according to Myles, Maldonado’s accomplishments are little to none.

Myles says that “in 8 years, he has done nothing for the progression and growth of his district.” Myles also went on to explain how the education committee that Mr. Maldonado was overseeing had to be reappointed to another elected official and how the Community Relations Board also had no growth. Mr. Myles says all of this while he presents me with “verifiable data” to support his prior statements, emphasizing the fact that these statements are not just empty claims.

As son of Willard Miles (1 of 4 of the first initiates of the Miami precinct) and Caroline Bates (first police and fire dispatcher of Miami), Mr. Kevin Myles moves forward in his own career inspired by what his family has done. Not only did he receive a degree from UT Knoxville, but he was also initiated into the Pi Nu chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. His education does not stop there, as he is currently pursuing a theology degree from the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta. He is also a member of the Urban Construction Craft Committee, and currently works close with Miami-Dade County Commissions and Attorneys.

If elected, Mr. Kevin Myles has a game plan. Myles highlights the fact that the City of Homestead is the only city without a concrete source of entertainment. By entertainment, he means “no bowling, no family gaming, and no cultural art scene.” He says that this will go on to “stop violence by presenting people with jobs and activities” as it will “give these people a better, more beneficial choice.” He also plans to welcome manufacturing companies to the city of Homestead through LED lighting, or as he likes to put it, “Keeping the talent within the city”. He finds it senseless for people to have to “drive all the way to Miami just to do business deals.”

Myles also deems it necessary to allow emergency vehicles access to busways. Though, what really blew me away was his pulse on the small business network of Miami. Myles states that there are, “88 reliable businesses willing to expand their services and businesses to city of Homestead for immediate economic growth and development for military veterans, seniors, and residents.” You did not read it wrong. 88 is, in fact, the number he told me.

Having the chance to talk to Mr. Kevin Miles, I could see the passion that he has for making his city a better place. He humbly claims that he is “no different than anyone else”, yet he describes his “no one can outwork me” mentality as he explains the fine details of his plans and why they will work. He tells me that “The city of Homestead is tired of perishing because of Elvis Maldonado’s lack of leadership and vision.” Myles also giggles as he recounts his many occasions of Homestead residents telling him that he will be a viable candidate because he cannot be bought because he has his own money.

Mr. Kevin Myles, a warrior of Homestead battling tirelessly for change.

Khara Vassell graduated from Gulliver Preparatory High School. She is now a sophomore at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and is a member of the varsity soccer team. She can be reached by email

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  1. Ms. Carolyn Taylor Pates, supports the plans of change for District 5. I totally support Mr. Kevin Myles, Sr. All plans are ordained by God. Amen


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