New X1 Technology From Comcast Enhances Television Viewing Experience

xComcast recently began offering a new technology for South Florida residents that the Company is calling the “Xfinity X1 Platform.” The X1 product is essentially a new entertainment system that functions as the umbrella to house all of your Xfinity TV programming, On Demand content, live tv channels, social media, apps and more.

What is the X1 Platform? Unlike other video services available today, X1 is a cloud-based platform, which means that updates and in some cases troubleshooting and fixes, can be done without having to send a technician out to the customer’s home. Cloud technology also allows Comcast to deliver new features to customers faster than ever. If that holds true than the X1 Platform is a huge leap forward. TV viewers will find that X1 is a more personal experience too, with convenient features like the ability to see the last 9 programs you watched. Program tiles are shown together on one screen so you can click right to your favorites quickly.

What can X1 do differently? It functions more like a search engine for your TV than a channel guide. Just type the first few letters of a title, genre or actor and get integrated search results across live TV, XFINITY On Demand™, and your DVR. You can then access any of the search results with just one click and get right to that content. The system will also make recommendations to you based on your selections, offering titles of similar shows and movies you might enjoy.

The on-screen X1 guide is user-friendly, intuitive and very easy to navigate. The screen uses widely–recognized program and channel logos that catch your eye to make finding your specific program or channel very easy. You can also have the guide show you specific categories. For example, if you want to know what family-friendly programming is on, you can view just “KIDS” shows. Other categories include “SPORTS”, “MOVIES”, “HD CHANNELS” and “TRENDING” which shows you the most popular programs being viewed at that time.

An advanced DVR also gives you more flexibility in when and where you watch your favorite recordings. For example, you can watch your recordings on any TV in the house. You can even start watching in one room and finish in another. X1 users can even record 4 shows at once. And store hundreds of shows so you don’t have to delete your favorite shows to make room for new ones.

Some of your favorite news and social apps are compatible with X1 so you can view them right on your tv. You can get weather and traffic updates, listen to music on Pandora, or view your Facebook and Twitter pages.

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