News on stem cells

News on stem cells

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A few days ago I returned from TOBI, one of the most important symposiums for autologous adult stem cells inside and outside the United States. This was their seventh year. “Le crème” of those who apply stem cells on a daily basis were there.

One of the aspects that caught my attention the most was the widespread positive response from all the doctors as we discussed the topic, independently from our technique or type of stem cell used. Furthermore, the fact of the absence of side effects or the rejection of the autologous cell of the individual. Doctors in the U.S. as well as ones in Asia and Europe have had overwhelming interest in our technique that combines the extraction of marrow cells with fat cells.

In the opinion of many current specialists, our philosophy covers two separate worlds: The marrow or bone marrow (not spinal cord!) and cells derived from fat. Many of my colleagues either work with bone marrow cells or they work with fat cells, each defending the advantages of applying “their cells,” whether fat or bone.

I thank God for being one of the pioneers in the application of autologous adult stem cells that are collected from the same individual. I had the pleasure of working simultaneously in both worlds and developing my knowledge and technique in both bone marrow and marrow and fat. Putting it in retrospect, I was able to learn at the same time the two large areas of stem cells in a spontaneous way and this has unexpectedly put me at the head of the whole group.

I make an analogy which are small seeds that will grow over a period of 8 to 12 weeks and are jealously guarded in a warehouse called cancellous bone (spongy bone) in the case of bone marrow or marrow and into the adipocyte (lipocytes and fat cells) in a fraction called stromal vascular.

The overwhelming positive experience, combined with the absence of rejection, makes stem cells an appealing treatment for diseases such as painful arthritis in the knee, hip and shoulder, bursitis and tendinitis that do not improve, ruptured tendons, sore nerves and joints and more recent spinal pain from arthritis, stenosis, disc wear.

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Ramón Castellanos, MD
Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, Pain
PM&R and Sport medicine Certified

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