Pahl Physical Therapy Celebrates One Year and Integrates Pilates

Pahl Physical Therapy Celebrates One Year and Integrates Pilates
Pahl Physical Therapy Celebrates One Year and Integrates Pilates
Pictured (l-r): Craig Pahl, PT, MHS, Justina Pahl, DPT and Nathan Pahl, DPT.

Pahl Physical Therapy & Pilates celebrates the one year anniversary of the opening of their South Miami physical therapy office and the addition of physical therapist and Pilates instructor, Justina Pahl, DPT.

Thirty-five years ago Craig Pahl, PT, MHS began practicing physical therapy in South Miami. A graduate of the University of Miami Physical Therapy program, and former adjunct instructor for the department, he soon gained popularity in the treatment of orthopedic patients in the community. Fast forward to today, Craig is now joined by his son Nathan Pahl, DPT and daughter in-law Justina Pahl, DPT, both graduates of the University of Miami Physical Therapy program.

Together the therapists are committed to providing an elevated family environment and experience through caring, effective, and personalized treatment as they have in the past. Now with the integration of clinical Pilates into the existing service the family has provided for thirty-plus years, Pahl Physical Therapy & Pilates is now able to offer clients an even more holistic treatment plan to their recovery right inside the comfort of their own office.

Each client’s personal physical therapy journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain. The family team of three expert physical therapists will design a personalized treatment plan based on each client’s individual related needs and goals.

“I have witnessed patients with various injuries, including low back issues, experience decreased pain and overall improved mobility and function through conservative treatment in Pilates,” said Craig Pahl.

Pilates in an exercise regime that focuses on core strength and stability, posture, alignment, connection of the mind and body, and whole body strengthening. Justina Pahl, DPT completed her training at Polestar Pilates for rehabilitative Pilates during her last year in PT school at the University of Miami and has worked in an outpatient orthopedic setting since graduating in 2013 where her treatment plans for patients incorporated Pilates.

In addition to rehabilitative sessions, Pahl Physical Therapy & Pilates will offer private one-on-one or duet buddy sessions for personal training purposes. The benefits include flexibility, posture and alignment. It strengthens core and elongates muscles, thus preventing injuries.

“Pilates is extremely beneficial for pre and postnatal care, and during pregnancy,” said Justina Pahl. She has experience working with expecting mothers, including herself, as she practiced Pilates throughout her entire pregnancy.

“Pilates was the first exercise I resumed postnatal,” she says. “The practice can be modified for any injury and can be modified for women throughout all stages of their pregnancy. It is especially effective at strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles, which helps to decrease pregnancy related back pain, and is gentle enough to perform from beginning to end of pregnancy and postnatally once cleared by a doctor.”

Pahl Physical Therapy & Pilates is growing in popularity amongst athletes that are interested in implementing clinical Pilates into their weekly training regimen. It is especially beneficial for those that are runners or high intensity athletes, as it can improve performance, reduce injury, speed in recovery and balance the body.

“Pilates is for everyone and for all ages – I have clients that are 80 years old,” said Craig Pahl, who will guide patients one-on-one through the sessions that typically last about an hour. “The practice is very safe, low impact, and whether you need it for rehabilitative purposes or to generally increase your overall flexibility – individuals can benefit tremendously from the practice.”

For more information or to make an appointment, please visit

Pahl P.T. and Pilates is located at 8267 South Dixie Highway and provides first floor convenience and easy access for all patients. They provide extended office hours Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. – 2 p.m., and closed on Sundays. They differ from other facilities in that every treatment is provided by licensed physical therapist (not assistants or aides). Please call them with any additional questions at 305-665-7848. (Se habla Espanol). Most major insurances accepted, self pay rates are offered for those without insurance and patients can be seen with or without a doctor’s prescription.

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