Pete’s Barber Shop shows heart

Pete’s Barber Shop shows heart

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If you live in the Pinecrest area, you already know about Pete’s Barber Shop in the Suniland Shopping Center. It’s been the place to get an honest haircut for more than 60 years. Local businesses like Pete’s make up our sense of community and give South Florida its character.

Over the years I have been a regular at Pete’s, as have so many others. In many families, Pete’s Barber Shop is a multi-generational experience. Case in point, I get my haircut with my son about every five weeks and we are greeted warmly each time.

Sometimes routine in this fast-paced world doesn’t get the credit it deserves and sometimes the importance of community is lost as well. Thankfully, this is not one of those times.

When Ronnie Buck (my stylist) and the rest of the shop heard that my son had recently been diagnosed with cancer, there was an instant rush of support and love from Pete’s Barber Shop.

As you know, patients on chemotherapy almost always lose their hair in ugly clumps. So, when Ronnie heard about this (and my plan to also shave my head in support), he took it upon himself to offer private haircuts wherever we wanted them.

After some discussion, we decided it was better to be at Pete’s where we always got our hair cut. Ronnie came in on his day off specifically to take care of my son. The rest of the stylists were supportive, as were the patrons who understood the gravity of the special haircut.

The haircut became an event, rather than a dark emotional moment. It was pure love as Ronnie offered to cut Andrew’s hair any way he wanted. Andrew asked for some shapes to be cut into his locks and even had a brief (and very long) mohawk before the real buzz cut. In the face of difficult times, these 45-minutes are something we’ll fondly remember.

Rather than tears, there were laughs. Rather than shame or shyness, there was sharing. In short, it was a community haircut of love and support. And it is a day I, and Andrew, will never forget. I thank Pete’s Barber Shop from the bottom of my heart.

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