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First I want to issue a disclaimer, for all of those who have seen the movie Pineapple Express, this article will be nothing like the movie. Instead, it is about pineapples and how we can learn to express ourselves like them. How do we do that you ask? By standing tall, wearing our crown, and sharing the sweetness we have inside each one of us.

The first pineapple was successfully cultivated in Europe in 1658. In England, a huge “pineapple stove” or special greenhouse was needed to grow the plants. Because of the expense of direct import and the enormous cost in equipment and labor required to grow them, pineapples soon became a symbol of wealth. They were initially used for display at dinner parties, rather than being eaten, and were used again and again until they began to rot.

If we apply this to ourselves, we can see the similarities. If we try to keep the greatness, the kindness, the sweetness that is in each of us to ourselves as opposed to sharing it, we also begin to rot. Robbing both ourselves and others from experiencing who we were designed and engineered to be results in the spreading of an insidious disease. Instead of sharing random acts or words of kindness, we share hate, racism, bigotry, and selfishness.

But, just like the pineapple, as soon as we allow someone to crack open our hard exterior, our passion, love, and essence freely flows forward. Instead of stewing in our own negative thoughts, we can use our sweetness, our kindness, our love to nourish the bodies and souls of others. Think about that! Just as we eat fruits, vegetables, and proteins to nourish our bodies, we can provide the same fulfillment to others with our actions. Humans are not one dimensional creatures. We were not put on this Earth to merely survive. We were put here to connect with others through giving. When we realize that we are all made of the same energy, essence, and material, our differences won’t seem so great. Pineapples are grown in different places, with different fertilizers and pesticides, and look slightly different. But, regardless of their differences, they all have the same sweetness inside of them. The only question is whether they, or we, will share it.

More recently, pineapples are used in architecture as a symbol of hospitality. It is our choice each day to either extend our hospitality to others or close our doors. So be the pineapple in a world of apples. Take the risk of making yourself vulnerable to give your sweetness to someone else. And now, my pineapple friend, put on your crown and get ready to seize the day!

Charlie Miller is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and master basketball trainer. He has owned his business, ATTACK Basketball Academy for 6 years and is passionate about mentoring the youth of today. You can contact him by email at

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