What About Pinecrest: A Meeting About Firefighters



From the desk of Mayor Cindy Lerner comes an important announcement regarding the future of the Village of Pinecrest. Hosted by Mayor Lerner at Evelyn Greer Park, this meeting is set to discuss the future developments related to Fire Departments in the Village of Pinecrest.

“Please join me at Evelyn Greer Park, at 7:00 PM to discuss a few hot topics in the village. A most important issue that will be presented is the question that several of the council members have pursued for the past year, over my vigorous objection, of whether the Village of Pinecrest should leave the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department and build our own department.” – Cindy Lerner, Mayor of the Village of Pinecrest

Join the residents of Pinecrest while they discuss the important issue related to the Village of Pinecrest breaking away from the services of the Miami-Dade County Fire Department to start its own local department. Despite having a 99 % satisfaction level with the county fire services within the village, the council voted to allocate $25,000 in funds for a study to determine whether or not to implement a personal fire department for the village.

The council itself has made its own series of decisions, including an allocation of land for the new fire station, which is smack dab in the middle of the village (SW 112 Street and 67th Avenue). But how would they pay for this new, and possibly unnecessary fire station?

An increase in the Village Tax Rate, which would double the current rates, and result in a loss of quality coverage. Meanwhile, Miami-Dade County Fire Chief, Chief Downey, and other firefighters who live in Pinecrest had previously provided the Council with significant information about the new Fire Station to be built 144 Street and Old Cutler. we can only wonder how this decision will go over with residents and property owners, who may have to double their taxes to pay for these improvements.

Though with the Council Conversation in the works, we can only wonder how this decision will go over with residents and property owners, who may have to double their taxes to pay for these improvements. There’s two questions lurking in the mind of any curious attendees:

Has the Council had enough of being under the banner of Miami-Dade County’s Fire Rescue Department?

And most of all, will the Village of Pinecrest build their own set of fire stations at the expense of their residents?

Only time will tell, and Mayor Cindy Lerner hopes she can rally the support of her fellow like-minded residents and property owners on why this move for additional structures is unnecessary.

But on a final note to South Florida on this issue:

Do you think the village of Pinecrest needs its own fire department, and would you be willing to pay out of your pocket with services readily available from Miami-Dade County?


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