Positive People in Pinecrest – Brandon Jamison

Positive People in Pinecrest - Brandon Jamison
Positive People in Pinecrest - Brandon Jamison
Positive People in Pinecrest – Brandon Jamison

Miami Palmetto High senior Brandon Jamison is an assistant coach for the girls’ basketball team.

“I help the head coach with anything he needs,” he says. “I record the games, I record the stats. I go to the practices and help with the practice.”

Jamison started by recording the games and then he found an app that records stats. He downloaded the app and showed it to the coach.

They’ve been using it ever since. The app has helped team members improve their game.

He started assisting Coach Donnie Martin in ninth grade. Martin was a coach for the junior varsity football team.

“He helps me keep my head on straight,” Jamison says. “He’s helped me be the person I am today, always helping someone. I liked the way he tried to communicate with all of us. Being a positive role model around the school.”

Jamison stopped playing football his sophomore year but he took up lacrosse instead.

“I wanted to venture out and try other sports. And see what else I could do,” he says. “I wanted to be competitive.”

He likes the fast pace of the game and the rush he gets from playing the game.

“I would choose lacrosse as my favorite sport,” he says. “There is still contact and you can still be physical. The only type of stoppage is after you score a goal. I really like that. I was always in motion, even in practice.”

He expects the team to do well this year. The first game is against Belen on Feb. 21.

“We played them once before. And we lost by a little bit,” he says, adding that this time he expects the game will be more competitive.

“Our offense is a lot better.”

Jamison also plays on a travel lacrosse team.

Even though he no longer plays football, he helps his mentor with the junior varsity football team.

Outside of sports, he’s a member of 5000 Role Models. He’s been in the organization since fifth grade but says he is participating more this year. The sponsor for the club is also one of his mentors.

Because he does well in school, Jamison takes the time to help fellow students by tutoring those who need his help.

“My friends help me study and I can help them,” he says.

Jamison is also a member of the Pep Squad. He’s taken on a leadership role on the Pep Squad.

“I got an award for being the most spirited,” he says.

He does introductions at the pep rallies for the sports teams.

“We have mini-games. The student and the staff can participate in the games,” he says

Those games range from juggling to half-court basketball shots.

Future Florida Educators of America. He’s taking early childhood education at Palmetto. The teacher is the FFEA sponsor and asked him to join. He attended the FFEA district competition in November. Although he didn’t compete he was able to attend the workshops.

“Recently we went to Pinecrest Elementary School,” he says. “We helped them out with their field day. We helped the teacher with setting up and taking down the field. We demonstrated the events. We cheered them on.”

He likes working with kids but his end goal is to become a police officer.

“I thought taking this course would help me understand kids and why they behave the way they do,” he says.

He plans to attend Florida Atlantic University in the spring majoring in criminology and criminal justice.

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