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Miami Palmetto High School senior Jason Salguero is Palmetto’s Silver Knight nominee in the Speech category.

Salguero’s Silver Knight project was centered around a publication he helped found, The Miami Dialogue (TheMiamiDialogue.com).

“We started work on it in April and we launched in September,” he says. “Instead of publishing typical articles, we publish transcripts of student conversations on topics like history, politics, and science.”

Salguero says they have teams that work on the episodes.

“We encourage the conversations,” he says.

The students usually have an interest in the topic and some background. For instance, those who are involved in the history topics usually have taken classes such as Advanced Placement World History and US History.

They try to keep the articles short with digestible content.

“The conversations run around 20 minutes,” he says.

In today’s world, politics is pervasive. Salguero says they handle politics in a bi-partisan way.

“We like to hear other people’s perspectives on it,” he says. “I believe hearing other people out and understanding others isn’t present enough in politics. Even if it’s something you don’t agree with.”

Salguero says they spent the first couple of months planning out what the project would be, managing the website, and setting up the team.

“It was pretty much my main project during the summer,” he says. “Ideally, we would like this project to continue on past when I graduate. We are in the process of finding someone to take it on.”

There are approximately 25 people on the team but they are always recruiting more. They are particularly looking for more people in the topics where they are lacking, science and culture. Team members are not limited to Palmetto students.

Aside from school and The Miami Dialogue, Salguero is an intern with the Consulate of the Republic of Poland.

“I help with general office tasks and organization,” he says. “I wrote an article for them.

The consulate works with the American Institute of Polish Culture.”

He’s interning there because he’s always been interested in international relations and global politics.

He was also a member of the Luisa Santos Office Fellowship policy team.

“We reviewed research done on early childhood education,” he says. “We wrote briefings to help our school board member understand the topic. We presented items to her every month that were on the school board agenda.”

At school, he’s president of Model United Nations. Salguero has won three awards at competitions – Outstanding Delegate at Gator MUN, Honorable Mention at MD MUN and recently Outstanding Delegate at Archimedean MUN.

He’s vice president of Debate. He prefers the classic Lincoln-Douglas style debate with two competitors facing off.

Salguero is a peer educator for The Health Information Project. He goes into ninth grade classrooms and presents a wide range of health information including mental health and vaccinations.

He’s a History Bowl competitor and a member of the Social Science Honor Society. He’s also a member of the Science National Honor Society. He’s planning on participating in the Environmental debate that’s part of the Fairchild Challenge.

He’s co-president of the Philosophy Club.

“We like discussing philosophical concepts,” he says. “We’ll bring in ideas from established philosophers.”

Salguero plans to major in international relations and philosophy. He’s applied to the University of CA Berkley, Brandeis University, Columbia University, and the University of Florida.

“Not every college has a dedicated international relations major, so I’m applying for political science and I’ll concentrate in international relations,” he says.

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