Premium Meats-Man Rises To Meet Demand From Miami’s Biggest Celebrities and Home Chefs


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For Josh Pascual, the inspiration to launch Miami’s best premium meat cuts business started with home grilling, and a visit to a high-end steak restaurant and wanting that experience at home. Since starting Josh’s Premium Meats 3 years ago, the entrepreneur has become as hot as his Wagyu beef cuts, with Miami’s celebrity circle frequenting his South Miami store.

The long list of rich and famous customers include superstar musicians Nicki Jam and Bad Bunny, Miami Dolphins Coach Brian Flores, celebrity Chef Hiroyuki Teraka and baseball phenom Jorge Posada.

Josh’s Instagram account, @Joshspremiummeats, gives you a glimpse of his meteoric rise, with pictures of his marbleized cuts of beef and customers like MMA killer fighter Jorge Masvidal.

“In all honesty, I was a little nervous meeting Jorge,” Josh posted on his Instagram. “When he walked into the room, I immediately put my hands up in case a flying knee was coming my way. All jokes aside, Jorge is one of the realest guys to come out of Miami.”

So how does 33-year-old go from yacht broker to launching his own business? Well, it helps that his tio (uncle) Lenny Gonzalez is at his side 24-7. It’s a family business after all, so his mom runs the front of the store, 4631 SW 75th Ave., and his cousins throw in their help, too.

It also helps that he is a graduate of Columbus High School, who has a loyal base of students who support fellow Explorers.

And, he makes deliveries too, so he has seen it all now. He’s hand delivered his world famous Wagyu ribeye steaks to all comers and signs non-disclosure agreements for some of his highest profile clients. He does it because his secret sauce is his superior service and connection to his clients, he says.

The bottom line for the business, which has grown ten-fold, is the high quality product that can be delivered to the customer’s front door within hours, if they ask for it via 305-646-8817 and and

You can see the menu of offerings on his website,, and call in your order. Other providers online can take five days to deliver the same product for more.

Unlike most sellers who sell Wagyu by the case, Josh sells his product by the portion, which makes it affordable to the general public. He also buys directly from farms in Japan, Australia and the US and even buys at auction to get the best quality product and price.

“I designed this so you can easily consume it at home and you are not forced to buy a case and spend thousands of dollars,” he explains.

How much do you save? The top-of-the-line Japanese A5 Wagyu typically sells for $200 to $225 for a 4-ounce piece. On the other hand, Josh’s Premium Meats charges $120 for 16 ounces.

Looking ahead, Josh is considering expanding his line to include wild game and seafood. But for now, he is working hard to continue to provide the highest quality product to his growing list of clients.

“This A5 Wagyu is like a steak marshmallow,” he says, speaking like the joyful weekend griller that he is. “It’s unbelievable. The fat just melts and what you are left with is the meat between. Your taste buds will go wild.”

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