Rubinstein Family Chiropractic is a love story

Rubinstein Family Chiropractic is a love story

Rubinstein Family Chiropractic is a love storyRubinstein Family Chiropractic is a love story; a story of the deep love Dr. Shimon and Dr. Melissa have for each other and a story of the caring love Drs. Rubinstein have for their patients and the benefits those patients receive through chiropractic care.

Dr. Shimon Rubinstein grew up watching his father, a doctor of chiropractic provide benefits to the very young and the very old, to pregnant women and to entire generations of families. Dr. Shimon always knew, that like his dad, this was to be his calling also.

When Shimon, who grew up in Pinecrest , met Melissa who grew up in Palmetto Bay, it was love at first sight. Shimon shared his passion with Melissa to be a chiropractor. It became her passion too. They got their degrees from Life University in Atlanta and for five years practiced together in North Miami Beach. Two years ago, they had the opportunity to build their own office in Cutler Bay. It was and is a dream come true.

Chiropractic adjustments remove interference in the nervous system and take stress off the body. This allows all systems of the body to work better; the respiratory system, digestive system, immune system and reproductive system. The benefits include more energy and less sickness, reduced pain, better sleep, less need for medication and improvement in overall health.

At Rubinstein Family Chiropractic, every patient receives a customized care plan depending on age and the condition of the spine. Their practice has a special focus on children and pregnant women. They are highly trained in techniques perfected through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

For information about Rubinstein Family Chiropractic, visit their website at and their facebook page. The office is located at 20341 Old Cutler Road. 305.336.1803

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