Say Goodbye to the Same-Old Summer BBQ


The sun is shining. The weather is warm. School is all but finished… and like clockwork you can find the smell of grilling in the air. That’s summer in South Florida and it’s one of the tastiest times of year. Sure, burgers, hot dogs, and vacío or flank steak are time-honored summer grilling traditions, but as summer goes on, the menu can get a bit repetitive.

The challenge starts with a lack of selection at typical grocery stores – where their business models are based on offering the most popular, most commonly requested cuts in order to eliminate waste. Some grocers do have a specialty butcher counter, but the prices can be somewhat cost prohibitive for a whole summer’s worth of grilling. For those that want to go beyond the typical bbq, it may even require special ordering from a butcher or online store for delivery ranging from a couple days to more than a week.

Thankfully, South Florida is lucky enough to have Wild Fork Foods. The specialty market offers one of the area’s widest selections of beef, pork, seafood, lamb, chicken and hard-to-find cuts like bison, veal, goat, sweetbreads, oxtails, and more. “Variety really is the spice of life,” says a representative with Wild Fork Foods. “It’s frustrating to run around to a bunch of different stores to find special cuts and quality meats. So, we’ve made it easier by stocking a really wide assortment of those center-of-the-plate items that people love for grilling, smoking, or putting in the Caja China over the summer.” With Wild Fork Foods’ wider-than-usual selection, grill enthusiasts can try something new all summer long, without going out of the way because Wild Fork Foods brings a lot of possibilities to the table.

How does Wild Fork Foods make such selection possible?  Snap freezing their products at the peak of freshness. The vast majority of never-frozen fare you’d find in the local supermarket isn’t as fresh as most people think. Often, it’s been traveling for days on end, on refrigerated trucks, to warehouses and packing plants, then back on refrigerated trucks where the temperatures are not 100% consistent, and then finally to your store. By the time this all takes place, only a few days of freshness remain by the time you buy your meat selection and take it home. The Wild Fork Foods scenario is different.  They snap freeze meats and seafood at the peak of freshness through a special method that locks in moisture and juiciness and doesn’t damage the meat with “freezer burn” like a household freezer. Cuts are all packaged in 4 to 6-person servings, and thaw easily in a couple hours to go straight to the cookout with the same condition and freshness as the day they were frozen.  This allows Wild Fork Foods to stock over 300 cuts of meat and seafood because there’s far less waste. It also means that “specialty” pricing on such cuts is a thing of the past.

Thanks to their snap freezing technique, Wild Fork Foods makes it simple to add variety to any grilling menu… and at prices that customers are wild about.

So, if you’re looking for a way to impress your BBQ guests this summer, try mixing things up the Wild Fork way. Try bratwurst and knockwurst sausages alongside chorizo and hot dogs. Fire up a few bison ribeyes for some extra beefy flavor. Toss some Florida spiny lobster or shrimp scampi burgers on the grill for a lighter tasting option. Get adventurous with sweetbreads or grilled marrow spread over crostini.  Wild Fork Foods even has ways for you to turn up the volumes on classic favorites like burgers – with recipes like this one.

BLT Burger with Blue Cheese

This is not your local drive-thru burger – it’s far better. Juicy, tender beef seared to perfection on the grill pairs perfectly with the sharp bite of melty blue cheese, the smoky saltiness of bacon, and the crispness of cool lettuce and tomato.


PREP TIME: 5 minutes

COOK TIME: 20 minutes


4 Wild Fork Foods Thick Angus Beef Patties, thawed

4 Wild Fork Foods Brioche Buns, cut in half

2 Oz. of blue cheese crumbs

8 slices of Wild Fork Foods Maplewood Bacon

1 tomato, slices

Baby arugula

Wild Fork Foods Coarse Sea Salt, to taste

Freshly ground Wild Fork Foods Black Peppercorn, to taste


Season burgers with salt and pepper. Turn gill or pan on medium high.

Heat the brioche buns over grill or oven and keep warm.

Cook bacon in a pan until crispy. Drain on a paper towel.

Grill or pan sear burgers over medium heat for 5-7 minutes on each side.* Place on a platter and assemble burgers by placing a slice of tomato on the bottom of the bun, then place cooked burger on top, crumble blue cheese, two bacon strips, some arugula and finish with other half of the bun.

*USDA recommends cooking beef to a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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