Smiles & Sonrisas: New look, same outstanding care for more than 25 years

Smiles & Sonrisas: New look, same outstanding care for more than 25 years
Smiles & Sonrisas: New look, same outstanding care for more than 25 years
Dr. Jose Gurevich.

For more than 25 years, Smiles & Sonrisas Family Dentistry has provided communities throughout Miami with some of the best dental care available.

Now, with a newly beautified building, Dr. Jose Gurevich and his staff hope to impress patients with an outside appearance that matches the hundreds of five-star reviews the practice has earned online.

“What sets us apart from other practices is how we treat people,” Gurevich said. “We are a family and this is our home, so I want it to be nice.”

True to its family-oriented nature, the modestly sized dental practice is stationed in what was once a residential home on Bird Road that was repurposed as an office building in the late 1960s. Gurevich opened his practice in the building in 1992.

Some might say Gurevich was destined for dentistry. In high school, he was given the nickname, “Smiley,” because of his positive disposition and happy expression. When he opened Smiles & Sonrisas, he chose the name because it simultaneously captured his spirit and South Florida’s vibrant, multicultural essence.

An appointment at Smiles & Sonrisas is unlike visits to other dental offices, according to Gurevich, who pointed to how incoming patients are treated as just one of its many differentiating features.

“We don’t have a waiting room; we have a reception room, and we don’t make people wait,” he said. “The longest you’ll wait is five minutes. We value your time, and that is one of the many things that set us apart from other offices.”

Smiles & Sonrisas provides a full spectrum of services including standard adult and child dental care, Invisalign, implants, crown and bridge work, dentures, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, gum health treatment, performance mouthwear fitting and treatment for temporo-mandibular joint disorders. Facial rejuvenation through Botox and Juvéderm—an injection procedure that can lift cheeks, smooth facial lines around the mouth and plump the lips—are also available.

Each of Smiles & Sonrisas’ four examination rooms has its own unique mural, painted by a patient, for people to enjoy during procedures. One room has a grapevine trellis climbing the walls and across the ceiling. Another, a sunny beach vista. Original and reproduced artwork tastefully strewn along the hallways begets a serene, warm environment.

“On their first visit, I want to give patients a ‘wow,’ and on their fourth or fifth visit, I want to give them that same ‘wow,’” he said. “We offer the best dentistry available, and I want to always show our patients the value of what we do.”

Myriad studies have concluded that a person’s oral health is directly related to his or her overall wellbeing, but many put off going to the dentist for financial reasons.

To combat this issue, Smiles & Sonrisas is committed to providing dental services to all people regardless of their means. For an annual fee of less than $300, patients receive two full cleanings, two full exams, one set of check-up x-rays and one annual fluoride treatment or one oral cancer screening.

“We want you to be healthier,” he said. “I understand some medical bills can be overwhelming, but with this offer I’m getting my patients to commit to coming in and taking care of themselves, which is a reward for me. If you’re coming in, you’re healthier. And if you’re healthier, I’m happier.”

Smiles & Sonrisas donates time and resources to several benevolent community projects. Gurevich, who was recognized by Mayor Carlos Gimenez for his volunteer work in underserved parts of the country, regularly employs his skills on missionary trips. He also participates in Donated Dental Services, a volunteer organization that provides free, comprehensive dental treatment to the disabled and elderly.

“Where I am today, I am lucky to have this business, to be able to celebrate 25 years and to be doing this renovation,” he said. “I love being able to give back.”

Smiles & Sonrisas Family Dentistry is located at 6000 Bird Road. For more information, visit or call 305-665-5525.

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