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Local and world events of the last month have been interesting to say the least; the Boston Marathon bombings, the nuclear threat from North Korea, the gun control debate, immigration reform, the Marlins, the Dolphins stadium issue and so much more.

I have to admit that these issues have me so worked up, that I have found myself yelling at the television set on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, that is not very satisfying and my husband insists they cannot hear me.

Sometimes it really helps to talk about things. That is why the Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center offers a number of forums for conversation and support.

Contemporary News and Views — Contemporary News and Views recognizes that there’s a lot going on in the world and you have a lot to say about it. It brings people of all ages together to discuss local, national or global events and trends. Participants bring in newspaper and magazine stories that spur lively discussions.

More than a place to discuss what is going on in the world, it is an opportunity to meet new people. There is no charge. It meets on Monday from 10 a.m. to noon. Because the campus is so busy during camp, News and Views moves temporarily to Temple Bet Shira during the summer.

Women’s Group — After pedaling as fast they can for so many years working and raising a family, many women suddenly find themselves with time on their hands. I can tell you from experience, this can be a very disconcerting predicament. This JCC woman’s group offers an opportunity to meet likeminded women. At its twice monthly meeting, participants share experiences, thoughts, passions and camaraderie. This growing group has been the foundation for many new friendships, travels and adventures. Facilitated by Dr. Barbara Stoler, it meets Mondays from 12:15-1:30 p.m. There is no commitment or charge. Drop in and check it out. There are sessions on May 6, May 20 and June 3. The women’s group moves temporarily to Bet Breira, Samuel Or Olum during the summer.

Grandparents Raising Grandkids Support Group — I have the joy of caring for my six-month-old granddaughter two days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. By the end of the day, I am completely exhausted, and she isn’t even walking yet. I can’t imagine how my contemporaries handle the challenge of raising grandchildren full time. The Grandparents Raising Grandkids Support Group brings grandparents in this same situation together to share experiences, resources and wisdom. I’m sure it helps to talk to others who understand. Also facilitated by Dr. Stoler, it meets Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to noon. There are sessions on May 7, May 21 and June 4. There is no commitment or charge. Try it, you’ll like it.

Meditate On It – For Beginners—If you can’t talk about it, why don’t you try meditating on it? How exactly do you meditate? The J tells me that meditation is easy to learn and everyone can benefit by relaxing, quieting the mind and trying to become calmer, more focused and clearer thinking. While designed for beginners, this small, drop-in class is well suited for participants at all experience levels. Different audio guided meditations are used each session. It meets Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. There are sessions on May 8, May 22 and June 5. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel, mat or meditation chair. A $5 donation is suggested.

All of these groups meet at the Futernick Family Art Gallery. For more information, call at 305-271-9000, ext. 264, or online at

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