Stop thinking “AFFLUENT” and start thinking “WELLfluent”


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Can a middle-class family be “rich?” One of Florida’s oldest and largest not-for-profit health plans believes that really depends upon your definition. Miami-based AvMed has launched a movement that encourages its Members to think beyond the typical definitions of wealth and seek a lifestyle that can only be called WELLfluent™. Citing studies that continue to show that when people neglect their health, they also miss the importance of achieving the balance that leads to happiness, AvMed is helping its 350,000 Floridian Members to shift their perspective and join the WELLfluent.

“In a world of 24-hour news and technology that keeps us in constant contact, even when we don’t want to be, it’s easy to overlook our ‘inner riches’,” said AvMed President and COO James M. Repp. “The WELLfluent movement celebrates people who are rich in the things that matter most; health, happiness, and a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul. AvMed not only celebrates the WELLfluent, but we also offer the tools and support to help those striving to get WELLfluent and stay WELLfluent.”

To launch the movement, AvMed has premiered a rap video that turns the genre on its head. By combining the typical imagery of artists celebrating an affluent life with a suburban family raking leaves and making smoothies in celebration of a WELLfluent life, AvMed highlights the many ways Floridians can become richer simply by playing, laughing, and even meditating together. See it and share it at

“We have become a society obsessed with flash, labels, and ‘bling’,” said Ana Eberhard, AvMed’s Director of Advertising and Brand Marketing. “But these material riches rarely bring us the happiness we seek. At AvMed, we know that focusing on what matters most—healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy spirits—will allow our Members to get the most out of every WELLfluent moment.”

AvMed offers Member-exclusive incentives, programs, clubs, and rewards that put health first. Discounts on everything from gym memberships to Weight Watchers® to alternative-medicine practices such as acupuncture and massages encourage Members to find true wealth within their health.
About AvMed
With headquarters in Miami and offices in every major metropolitan area of the only state we have served in our near-50-year history, AvMed transforms lives to create a WELLfluent world. By uniting around this sole purpose, we aim to inspire our 350,000 Floridian health plan Members to focus on health and happiness of the mind, body, and soul. Learn more at or visit our Facebook page to tag your WELLfluent life with #JointheWELLfluent.

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