The Magic of Raw Creamed Honey

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Are you looking for a new, innovative health food? Infused creamed honey may be your perfect solution.

Sunny Honey Miami’s owner and founder Mihaela Gutman has developed multiple flavors of raw creamed honey, combining the rich nutrients of raw honey with the health benefits of superfoods.

Most honeys sold in grocery stores have been pasteurized and filtered. These processes keep the honey from crystallizing as quickly, and they give the honey its clear appearance. However, the heating and filtering processes unfortunately also remove the rich, natural nutrients found in raw honey. In its purest form, raw honey is chock full of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Creaming raw honey preserves the natural benefits of honey while keeping it from becoming solid. Creaming machines take the raw honey and spin it for up to four days as it crystallizes. This produces a spreadable, smooth consistency and keeps the raw honey from hardening. Creaming honey maintains the natural benefits of raw honey while whipping it into a smooth, creamy texture.

Sunny Honey Miami uses rare, white clover raw honey imported directly from Canada to ensure the highest quality honey available. After creaming the honey, they then infuse it with natural foods such as vanilla, cacao, coconut, matcha, lavender, pumpkin pie spice, key lime pie—and most recently, CBD.

The creamed honey combined with hemp creates an almost-magic concoction, matching the raw honey’s nutrients with the stress-relieving effects of CBD. CBD comes from broad spectrum hemp extract and contains no THC (the mind-altering part found in marijuana). Hemp extract may lower stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, protect brain and heart health,

improve mood, and reduce aches, pains, and inflammation.

* The addition of hemp to raw, creamed honey offers a relaxing health food with numerous benefits.

“In a time when our health is at risk even more than before, I feel that we need to go back to eating healthier,” says founder Mihaela Gutman. “We need to go back to our roots and use natural ingredients, going back to natural medicine to improve our wellbeing and overall mental and physical health.”

An Early Love for Honey

Mihaela discovered the benefits of raw honey at an early age. Growing up in Communist-occupied Romania, she and her family lacked basic necessities. Yet because they owned a beehive in their backyard, honey became everything. When they couldn’t secure sugar or other staples, honey provided both dessert and natural nutrition. When they couldn’t get medicine, they used raw honey’s natural antimicrobial and prebiotic properties to soothe indigestion and strengthen their immunity. As honey became her family’s lifeline, she carried her love for honey into adulthood.

“Honey is one of the oldest foods known to man,” says Mihaela. “We bring the best quality honey, infused with whole ingredients that not only taste good, but are good for you.”

Sunny Honey Miami’s themed gift boxes combine creamed honey flavors sure to please anyone—from the adventurous foodie to the chocoholic. With a sweetness that is as good for you as it tastes, raw creamed honey offers a healthy treat for anytime.

Their raw creamed honeys can be found at gourmet markets throughout the country and of course online at

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician before starting a new supplement regimen.

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