The South Dade TransitWay Gets SMARTer

In the works for many years, the transformation of the busway that extends from the Dadeland South Metrorail Station to the SW 344th Street Park-and-Ride/Transit Terminal is now clearly in gear.

The striking change at SW 104th Street and US-1 finally allows the public to see what is on its way. In fact, several brand-new station canopies are being installed along the South Dade TransitWay. Once completed, the corridor will feature 14 new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations.

The innovative design of the vault-like canopies will provide protection to TransitWay riders from weather elements, while allowing natural sunlight to come through the roof skylights. The 14 BRT stations will also feature air-conditioned vestibules where patrons can wait in comfort. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Besides shelter from rain, the stations will provide level boarding through all doors, pre-paid fares for speedy access, Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras and 24-hour security, real-time bus arrival displays, full ADA compliance and improved lighting at and around the stations.
Long-term it is clear that we will have more population in South Dade, so a stronger public transportation system makes sense. But, as all chicken and egg stories go, the real question remains is it worth the money today to build for a ridership tomorrow. Yes, we must utilize our existing roadway infrastructure as efficiently as possible to minimize additional traffic. As such, the County’s SMART Program represents a vision for our region that is both strategic and far-reaching, creating a system of multiple transportation options by leveraging existing infrastructure, and integrating technology at the highest levels. The program is comprehensive, proactive and supports the future population and employment growth.

Holiday Shopping? Use a Burner Credit Card
Credit card fraud is on the rise and so is identity theft. By now, we all know someone who has had a horrible experience in this arena.

Last year, I wrote about how to lock and freeze your existing credit cards to help you avoid identity theft and others opening financial accounts in your name. If you haven’t done it, DO IT NOW!

Today, let’s address other bad things that can happen with credit cards online and create a strong defense against it. In particular, a new phenomenon consumers are facing is the inappropriate or unauthorized use of their credit card by a company. This can take the form of outright charging for a service or product you didn’t get or a recurring monthly charge that you can’t stop no matter what legitimate methods you’ve tried. How many of you have experienced a company charging an old and cancelled credit card number and the charge being applied to your new number. Here’s how you make that end.

I recently discovered a freemium online service at This service allows you to create virtual credit card numbers that deduct directly from a specified bank account. At first blush, this may sound more like a debit card, but when you realize what you are really getting is complete privacy, it quickly becomes your invaluable superhero online.

As an example, you sign up for a gym membership online and they tell you they will bill you monthly until you cancel the membership. (We all know gyms are notorious for not allowing you to ever quit). So, you create a virtual credit card that only allows that card to exist for 6 months and set a maximum charge amount of $40/month. Now, if the gym tries to charge you a penny over $40, the charge will be denied. And, on month seven the card is no longer valid. Period. You retain complete control! And remember, the card doesn’t even have your name on it, so there is complete privacy.

Another great example is you find something unique and secure you want to buy online, but it is from a website you aren’t sure you can trust. Will they steal my credit card info? Will they charge me more than I want? Simply create a credit card that is specific to that website and is a one-use card. Yes, you can create a “burner card”!

Not only do you gain private control of your online spending with, you also get some pretty great tools! The website shows you all your online spending and subsequent charges, broken down by vendor or virtual card. Also, has plug-ins for your browser so you can quickly auto-fill any cart checkout boxes with your appropriate credit card by just clicking on the P icon that appears in the credit card number box.

The best part of is that for most users, it is completely free! On top of that, if you use this code you will get $5 back on your first use of a virtual credit card. I’ve been using this service for about 18 months now and it has been flawless.

Real Estate Update
As of 11/25/22, there were 112 properties for sale in Pinecrest, 19 homes pending sale and 9.3 months of inventory. The shift away from a strong seller’s market is upon us. If you’re ready to move, contact me to get the best local expertise, truthful guidance and realistic expectations. It’s easy to get started at I invite you to view past episodes of my The MiamiHal Real Estate Show at to hear from experts and get the latest real estate news.

Hal Feldman (MiamiHal) is a Realtor with RE/MAX Advance Realty. You can contact him with your story ideas or real estate questions at, or

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