This Dog’s for You-Trina

This Dog’s for You-Trina

This Dog’s for You-TrinaSay hello to Trina, a beautiful adult German Shepherd. Trina was brought into our shelter while she was nursing four newborn pops. She was a spectacular mom to all her babies — very gentle, caring and attentive. And while volunteers, who were strangers to her at first, handled her puppies, Trina never showed any signs of aggression, but rather was very trusting. She is a good-natured dog, very sweet and kind. She gets along well with other dogs and tries to befriend everyone she meets. She thrives on affection and so we would love for her to go to a home where she will be integrated as much as possible into the family. If you think Trina may be right for you, please contact Born Free Pet Shelter at 305- 361-5507 or go to

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