To print or not to print?


To print or not to print?“Print is dead” is something we hear a lot, even outside the walls of marketing agencies. Evangelists for a digital-first world would have us all believe that people only want to communicate via screens, and brands and companies should follow suit.

But that’s not really the case. Print is still alive and well, especially with the rise of eco-friendly inks and paper, which we discussed in a previous article. A well-designed print piece using such techniques as foils, die-cuts or specialty effects can be a keep-sake for the consumer. Here are just a few reasons to keep print marketing in the mix:

It Helps Brand Awareness
How do you keep your brand top-of-mind? You hit people over and over again with consistent messaging across a range of mediums. Making consumers more familiar with your brand and increasing their awareness requires a marketing strategy with more than just digital marketing. Printed material can hang around for days, months or even years, and includes postcards, direct mail, magazine and newspaper ads and more.

People Trust Print
Because it’s cheap and global, digital marketing doesn’t always create a sense of trust. People worry about spam, too-good-to-be-true offers, websites tracking them and seeing an ad for something you were just talking about (which is coincidence…Facebook is not listening to you). But a company that takes the time to actually invest in print? It makes your brand feel as real as a storefront does.

Millennials Actually Prefer It
Millennials are often pigeonholed as digital-only, or at least digital-first, but the same group that’s driving the resurgence of vinyl records and bespoke print publications isn’t so cut-and-dry. Younger consumers appreciate when brands step out of the screen and give them something tangible – even if it’s a novelty. According to research by Quad/Graphics, Millennials respond more to printed communications than they do to email.

People Remember Print Better
If you’ve ever taken handwritten notes versus typed, you may have experienced this. We retain printed information better than digital because there’s just too much content online placing demands on our short attention spans. When we read print, we use the ‘deep-reading’ part of our brain, which allows us to be more immersed and receptive to the material. Print marketing can be viewed with much less distraction, increasing the chances that people will actually retain and respond to your message.

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