Tribune and PBA endorse James Field

Still feel like your opinion doesn’t matter?
Still feel like your opinion doesn’t matter?
James Field

Community Newspapers is pleased to join the Miami Dade County Police Benevolent Association (PBA) in endorsing candidate James Field for Pinecrest Village Council Seat 4.

A resident of the village since he was a very young child, we get the sense that James has Pinecrest in his blood – by that we mean he knows deeply what this village is about, what it stands for, and what it takes to safeguard the quality of life for the people who live, work, and play here.

James not only wants to protect the village heritage, but help protect its citizens, as well. He plans to improve relations with the Pinecrest police department; spearhead ways to stay ahead of the curve with technology for our students; and reinforce the beautification programs in place to keep property values high. We also like his plan start a “hurricane rapid response” fund.

James not only has deep roots here locally, but over the years, his businesses interests have taken him well beyond village borders to the centers of government at the state capital and on Capitol Hill. As a result, he is extremely agile on his feet and able to “speak the language.” So when he says he wants to work with local, state, and federal officials to bring city water hookup to all residents – it’s clear he has the wherewithal, experience, and negotiating skills to do just that.

As director of business development for Frey Farms, one of the largest agriculture companies in the country, James worked effectively with congressmen and senators. In fact, we watched proudly as he testified before Congress last year on the issues of agriculture and immigration – and now we are heartened by his drive to apply his efforts and talents closer to home in the community where he grew up.

Frankly, the voters are fortunate to have two such qualified candidates vying for this open seat, Katie Abbott and James Field. Yes, Katie may be well respected and would serve her community well – but we choose James, as does the PBA, because he will bring a fresh new perspective that is sorely needed on the Pinecrest dais.

With experience in Florida business, agriculture, and politics, James has great integrity, experience beyond his years, a strong background in business – all the right ingredients for success in serving his fellow residents as Village of Pinecrest Councilmember-Seat 4.

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  1. I am most worried about his connections to Big Ag and how it will affect our fresh water needs in the future. Can he stand up to growers about run off? What about Big Sugar? We don’t live directly on the beach but where is he on tidal surge up our canals and Does he get the effects of global warming and ever higher tides backing into pur canals?
    I am a botanist. I was on the original village landscaping committee. What does he know about the best trees in the right places to reduce post hirricane issues?


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