Using Stem Cells to Heal Burns

Stem Cells Score a Perfect Game

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Like I have consistently mentioned on many of my previous articles, the unlimited capacities of autologous stem cells and platelets never ceases to amaze me.

While at our StemCell Miami Institute (one of the few in the world) we specialize in treating orthopedic related illnesses like: osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder and issues related to the spine, there are times when we also try to help patients in need of treatments that are outside of the “true realm” of our medical specialty. Such is the case with Denisse, a close family friend and owner of a busy Nicaraguan restaurant in the city of Doral, where she unfortunately poured (by accident) a pot of hot oil all over the back of her legs, causing her a painful second degree type burn.

Two weeks ago, Denisse called us to see if we could do something to help her with her burn, since she had heard about the tremendous success of many of our stem cell procedures. While she was well aware that we specialized in orthopedic related problems, she hoped that we could help her to expedite the healing process, since the treatment that she initially received at the hospital emergency room (with sulfadiazine), had done little to improve her serious burn and she was also suffering from a severe pain in the affected area.

While this was theoretically in no way our specialty, we knew that cells have a great capacity to heal skin related issues. In addition, platelets have shown tremendous success in accelerating the scarring/curative process in healing wounds, ulcers and also burns. As a matter of fact, I treated a paralytic patient several years ago who was living in a nursing home in order to try and help with an ulcer she had developed in her leg and amazingly, her ulcer/wound completely healed in only one month after the treatment we conducted on her!

So after we discussed the recommended treatment with Denisse and she agreed to move forward with our procedure we created a gelatin like substance from her own plasma and combined it with growth factors (also from her same blood). We then covered the wounded skin area (about the size of a basketball behind her knees) and we initially planned to cover her wound with this “gelatin” substance every 72 hours.

On the second treatment, we were truly astonished on how well the wound/burn had healed (almost 50 percent improvement) and Denisse mentioned that ever since the first application her pain had subsided tremendously. By the third treatment, we were stunned by how her wound had healed almost 100 percent and we consequently decided to stop the treatment altogether, since her burn had basically already disappeared.

This is another classic example of the unlimited power of Regenerative Medicine. In this particular case, being successful at healing a severe second degree type burn by using the patient’s own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Consequently, this type of treatment should be considered/implemented at hospital ER’s and burn centers around the globe. Note that we would love the opportunity to teach doctors and nurses, hopefully in the future, this innovative treatment/technique, so they can in turn help other patients, just like we helped our friend Denisse. Furthermore, we are very happy to report that Denisse has been able to return to work at her busy restaurant and her burn has almost completely diminished!

So if you, a friend or any family members are interested in receiving one of these innovative stem cell or PRP procedures, please call us at 305-598-7777. For more information, please visit our website: (available in both English & Spanish) and you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on our YouTube channel. Dr. Castellanos would be happy to address any of your specific questions or concerns via his email:

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