Village Launches New App to Keep Residents “Safer”

Miami's Community Newspapers

Pinecrest residents can now contact police via an intuitive app that provides location information, photo capability and anonymity.

The SaferWatch app is an intuitive free mobile app designed to make Pinecrest residents “safer” by providing a platform that is free, and easily accessible via any phone or tablet. Similar to “See Something, Say Something,” SaferWatch encourages residents to see something and send something – through the app.

SaferWatch allows users to input medical history, and emergency contact information. Tipsters will be informed that their information was received, and police will receive their location and emergency contact information. Tipsters can also choose to remain anonymous.

SaferWatch puts two-way communication at the fingertips of residents, and police. Police will routinely use the app to provide real-time alerts for residents about traffic, safety, and updates about any safety-related events within the Village. Residents can subscribe to specific Pinecrest locations such as schools, parks and places of worship to receive real-time alerts.

The app is easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. SaferWatch does not replace calling police for routine calls for service and emergencies. For emergencies, always dial 911.

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